What Is Mobile Banking And What Are Its Advantages?

At first, to make transactions on your bank account, you must stop whatever you are doing and visit the bank, join a queue and then wait for your turn to perform that transaction.

As the world moving forward, so as technology, thanks to mobile banking, now you can send make transactions without the need to visit the bank.

So What Is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking is a service that is provided by banks and other financial institutions which enables customers to make financial transactions by using their mobile phones or tablet.

With mobile banking, one can check account balances, see latest transactions, make electronic bill payments, p2p payments, transfer funds and many more.


Benefits Of Mobile Banking


You know banks don’t work on certain days right? Sunday is a natural holiday and some banks do not also work on Saturdays. But what if you needed money urgently on Sunday and at the same time you don’t have ATM card?

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This is one benefit that mobile banking has brought as you can access your bank anytime any day, make transactions and more, you can also get to check your balance and do everything any day.

Saves Time

Remember in the introduction we talked about having to stop whatever you are doing and walk miles to your bank just to make a transaction? Well, with the help of internet banking, you don’t need to stop what you are doing as you can do anything using just your phone.

You Have Control Over Your Money

Now with the mobile banking, you have the control over your number this is because you can do anything you want to do with your money, you can pay someone without the need to fill any forms, or the need to sign and wait for the bank to verify.

You can also send and receive at any time, all you need is a phone to control your money.

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Avoid Handling Cash

Now with your mobile banking, you don’t need to travel with a huge sum of money in your pocket or a bag just to pay someone, you can go empty-handed and then pay that person using your mobile.

One thing I will like to advise my readers is to always be safe as technology moving forward, so as hackers always learning new ways to steal from people’s accounts. The banks are doing their best and making everything possible to make mobile banking one of the secure platform to make transactions but it also requires the user to be vigilant

Final Words

Mobile banking is here to stay, this is one invention that has made life easy for people whose works involves always working with the bank.

Now nobody is going to visit the bank for minor transactions, the person can do do it with his or her phone.

In this article, we went through what mobile banking is and the benefits it has brought to society.

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