What not to do while accessing the Deep Web?

The internet you see and access via regular web browsers only forms about 5% of the total web. The rest 95% of the web is still inaccessible to most people. The websites on this part of the web are unindexed and require special software such as Tor to access them. This part of the web is known as the Deep Web, which also comprises of a sinister part known as the Dark Web. The dark web is home to a number of criminal activities on the Internet and you need to exercise caution to not indulge in any of them.

To avoid finding yourself in problem on the Deep web, follow the below guide on things you should never do while accessing the Deep Web.

Do not open “.onion” Websites on any other Browser except the Onion Router

There are a number of websites which allow you to access .onion websites on your regular web browsers. However, you have the risk of exposing your IP address to hackers. Therefore, you should always open .onion websites on the Tor.

Using Tor Browser without VPN

While Tor is more than capable to protect your identity online, there have a few cases where the Tor has been cracked. Therefore, you should use a VPN as an extra precaution while accessing the Deep web.

Never Download files from Unknown Websites

You never know what you will come across on the Deep Web. It is full of scammers and hackers with people trying to cheat others. Try to not download files from unknown sources or sites on the Deep Web as they could include Malware or Viruses attached to them.

The Dark Web is not ‘Legal’

You may have read it on a number of sites that accessing the Dark web is legal but it is not. Looking at sites on the Dark Web is fine but indulging in a number of criminal activities that happen on the Dark Web can land you in trouble.


Making transactions using Credit/Debit Cards

It is advisable to refrain buying things on the Deep web as a number of scammers try to scam people off their money. However, if you find it most urgent to buy something on the deep web, make sure that you do not make transactions via your debit/credit cards as they are not safe or secure. Always make your payments using cryptocurrencies.

Enabling Macros or Scripts for a Website

By default, Tor is regulated with settings to ensure that Scripts are turned off. While accessing the Deep web, always ensure that you do not allow any script to run on any website as they can access your location or download malware and viruses on your system without your knowledge.

Confusing Deep Web with Dark Web

While the Dark web is a part of Deep Web, both of them are miles apart in their functioning. The dark web is home to a number of criminal activities and only has about 700 websites in total whereas Deep Web forms about 90% of the total web.

The Last Words

These are some of the most common things you should avoid while accessing the deep web. It will ensure your security and make browsing deep web a pleasurable experience.

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