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WhatsApp’s Old Status is back and it is simply known as “About”

Delete files you have downloaded from WhatsApp to get your freezing phone back on its toes.
Delete files you have downloaded from WhatsApp to get your freezing phone back on its toes.

What is your “WhatsApp About”?
WhatsApp’s latest Beta is a sort of bait for those of us who were not keen on updating. We knew it would be back as “tagline” but WhatsApp apparently feels “About” is a much better name.

Last month, when WhatsApp rolled out and update that virtually turned the app into a Snapchat clone, a few of us were so much in love with our “Old Status” that it did not seem like we would update anytime soon. Others just wanted to update to see for themselves what this new “WhatsApp Status” was all about and jumped all in into the update, losing their “old status” in the process.

I even wrote a blog post on some reasons why I didn’t like the new update and how to go back to an older version of the app.

Well, if you missed the short text status and emoji mix that has always been associated with WhatsApp, fret not – the feature is back!

In a beta released for android today, this feature is now known as “about” and it is found at the profile section of the app, where it has always been. You can also see the status of other users by going to the contacts screen. It appears WhatsApp preserved the “old status” I had before updating on my “test line”.

To enjoy this latest update, just download WhatsApp beta 2.17.95 from APK Mirror or you can simply join the Play Store official beta channel here. After joining the beta, you need to update your app from the Play Store to get the feature.

Are you happy the feature has been added? Did you miss it? Kindly comment below.


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March 10, 2017

Well I miss the old status though..Thank God it’s back..

March 11, 2017


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