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WhatsApp is Down: Complains Fill Twitter and Facebook

There is panic across the planet today after WhatsApp went down.

People were unable to send messages to one another as the service continued to say ‘connecting’ with the wheel of death showing for most people. Immediately after checking with their friends to see if WhatsApp was out of action people went straight to Twitter to confirm whether it was true or not.

According to DownDetector there are problems across Europe but it appears as thought it could be a global problem.

People in Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique, Australia, and Togo also reported that they could not access the service. People are having to revert to their normal messaging services and Facebook as they struggle to cope with what is currently happening. We will update this story with more information as we get it.

Here are some reactions from twitter:

We hope the service gets restored!

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Update: WhatsApp Services were up as at 09:17 GMT.

Videos from YouTube:

WhatsApp is Down: Complains Fill Twitter and Facebook
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WhatsApp is Down: Complains Fill Twitter and Facebook
WhatsApp is down in Ghana and other parts of the world in the early hours of November 3rd, 2017. There has been mixed reactions on Facebook and Twitter.
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