WhatsApp’s New Camera and Photo Editing Tools + New Bigger Emojis

WhatsApp’s latest update provides several photo editing features in an attempt to keep the user on the app. These features promise to make the app more interesting, as per reports by

The updated WhatsApp camera now features Front-facing flash and one-finger zoom capabilities for video. The front-facing flash feature makes your screen light up white when taking a selfie, acting like a flash. Snapchat users may already be familiar with this function.


Also, when recording a video using the WhatsApp camera, all you need to do is just slide your finger up or down to zoom in or out.

Slide your finger up while recording video to zoom in

Video Recording got better with the WhatsApp Camera


These features only work on WhatsApp’s camera interface that can be launched by tapping on the camera icon placed next to the text box in your chat window.

  • Image drawing and Stickers

As reported in an earlier post here, WhatsApp now also lets you add stickers or text to the picture. You also have the option to annotate and draw on top of the images (like in snapchat), along with older options such as cropping and rotating. There’s an Undo option too that lets you go back several steps so you have the freedom to edit.

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Emojis over Photos
  • Bigger emojis

Sending a red heart emoji results in a bigger animated version of it on WhatsApp, right? Now there is more. Single emojis as a chat message will appear a little larger than the size they used to be. The size further decreases in a descending order as the number of emojis increase up to 4, after which they scale back to their”normal” size.

Bigger Emojis are here

Sending one emoji will appear in large, two emojis in medium and three emojis in a smaller size (still bigger as compared to the regular size). Four and above emojis will scale them back to the regular size, same as emojis within normal messages.

If you do not have these features yet, try updating your whatsapp or join the official WhatsApp beta program.

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