Which Is The Best Voice Over Software Out There?

With dozens of voiceover software on the market, it can be a very difficult task choosing the best one. There are different types of voiceover software that perform audio recording and editing tasks differently. Not to mention the different brands, and price points of these programs. So, if you are an aspiring voiceover artist or a voiceover artist looking to move to the next level, then you have come to the right place.

Today, you can be a voiceover artist without a fully set up home studio or without studio sessions booked. You can now record your demos right from your smartphone and send them to a potential client across the world. It has become extremely easy to be voiceover artist in 2019, compared to decades ago when you actually had to record your voice in the studio and pay a sound engineer to edit and perform other tasks with it.

Every established voiceover artist has their favourite software that allows them to record and edit audio tracks. And they have several reasons why they would pick one over the other. Even as a beginner voiceover artist, you will also have to make the decision based on a few factors:

  • Budget
  • Does it have all the necessary features
  • It is easy to use/is it user-friendly?

There are just so many to choose from based on the criteria that you choose to use. There are free and commercial software, downloadable or online-based, and many others out there.

Some of the most common software used by voiceover artists & small VO companies are Audacity, Adobe Audition, Soundation, Cubase and The Music Club. To narrow it down for you, we are going to look at the best in two categories – Best Free and Best Value (recording and editing)

Best Free Recording Software – Audacity

If you are looking to start a career as a voiceover artist then this should be your go-to software. It is free and is a good place to start since you are learning the ropes and unsure if you want to all in. the app is relatively easy to use, and it has a basic interface that may not be the most interesting, especially if you are the type who would like a program with a pro interface. You will have most of your recording and editing done on the software with great results; in fact, there are still pro voiceover artists out there who have stuck with Audacity. The software lacks some key features, but it does get the job done.


Best value recording and editing program: Adobe Audition

For musicians on a budget, renting or leasing sound equipment is the only way they can create music without incurring the financial burden of purchasing equipment. As for voiceover artists, investing in software like Adobe Audition is the way to go. Instead of buying a software suite that might cost up to 400 pounds or more, the voiceover artist can simply pay a monthly subscription of just $20/month

The affordability of Adobe Audition is one thing, but the fact that it offers voiceover artists high-quality tools including, editing, recording, exporting audio files in various formats, and restoring is why it is one of the best. It is simply a combination of value and functionality.

Adobe Audition is compatible with Mac and Windows systems and it has an easily navigable user interface. The software will let you filter out ambient noise from your demo for a more crisp and pristine recording that will meet the standards of voiceover platforms like Voquent.com

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