World Bank Funded Tech Lab Organising An Incubator Program For Start-ups

World Bank Funded Tech Lab is organising a free incubator program looking to build and help impact necessary skills which are required to increase productivity and it is been funded by the world bank.

The tech lab has the goal of becoming the platform for digital innovations in Africa and beyond. Their unique program and curriculum are designed to make your idea a product or solution that addresses a situation in society and can change the world.

World Bank founded the Ghana Tech Lab under a project of Ghanaian Ministry of Communications called E-Transform Project with $1.2 Million with the aim of supporting, addressing and transforming the countries developmental challenges.

The mission of this incubator program is to help drive artificial intelligence innovation in Ghana by supporting start-up ideas with reasonable resources, expert and competent coaching and giving young entrepreneurs the needed chance to succeed.

Prince Sarfo, the Co-founder of the Ghana Tech hub said the hub has two types of programs, namely, Base and Non-Base. He said. ‘’ The base programme, is a flagship programme, focused on growing grassroots innovations. This programme gives digital skills to trainees that will equip them with the necessary tools to develop ideas. This is done in partnership with 11 partner hubs in nine regions of Ghana’’.

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The programme which is scheduled to last for three months is based on important information with the country and industry players to access the important aspects they have covered so far, with Ghana Tech lab and having a well-designed curriculum.


Prince Sarfo continued by saying, ‘’Through the stakeholders meeting, Ghana Tech Lab is able to gather information about the kind of digital skills needed and the gaps in the country and addressing them. These teams are incubated with start-up funding, expert coaching and industry exposure to build their ideas into feasible start-ups.’’

‘’Internships are secured with relevant industries for the remaining trainees that do not make it into the incubator programme,’’ he added.

The Non Base programmes are training programmes which are organised to enlighten participants of certain skills to acquire and these participants are mostly provided with an internship in some cases but not with incubation.

There are already 28 AI start-up idea graduate from the Base Programme and 11 new start-ups so far have passed through the incubator programme.

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He ended by saying, ‘’  With new partners coming on board, we are going to equip our partner hubs with tools and more expertise to continuously run the Base Programme. We are looking at developing an ecosystem mapping in the various regions to assist us to run programmes that are tailored to the needs of these regions. We are also working on various partnerships to better assist the various start-up ideas that come on board and expose them more to the advanced world of tech entrepreneurship.’’

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