0244300000 is the only secure number from MTN Ghana; Don’t fall for scammers

Fraudsters nowadays have been finding new ways of stealing from MTN subscribers, what they mostly tell you is that they are calling from MTN office and then will continue with their usual tricks.

There have been cases on which subscribers have been complaining about how MTN staff will be calling them asking them to turn off their phone for some time because there is ongoing maintenance.

Some fraudsters will also call to tell you that you have won a prize on their ongoing promotion and he or she is calling you to guide you on steps to follow in order to receive your gift.

What you need to be aware of is that MTN Ghana will only call you with 0244300000 to either give information or to discuss an issue with you.

When does MTN make such calls?

They mostly call you when you win a promotion or you have reported a problem and they are calling to help you out or ask you to give them feedback of the problem you are facing using their network.

I remember asking MTN customer care on Twitter on how I can change the name on my sim card as my sim card was already registered when I bought it, I then received a reply from them and the person was asking for my number to further assist me.

Within minutes I received a call from MTN office number 0244300000 and he first asked me some questions and then later discussed with me the documents I need to make available before visiting any of their branches to do the change of name.

What time will you receive such calls from MTN customer service number 0244300000?

MTN starts work from 9 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday and on Saturday closes at 12 PM. So you will mostly receive a call from them on working days, but if it is a critical situation or maybe you reported a problem to them and they need to call you to assist you, then they will call anytime but with this number (0244300000) and not any random number.

Here are the things to take note of:

  • Anytime you win a promotion, MTN will only call you with their official line 0244300000.
  • MTN will never ask you to type in some code, install any third-party app to redeem your gift or visit a website aside their official website.
  • All MTN promotions together with its winners’ numbers can be found on their official website mtn.com.gh


MTN  will only call you with their customer service number 0244300000 and not any other number. If you receive any call from someone claiming to be calling from MTN without calling using this number, then please don’t pay attention to him or her and kindly report that number by either dialling 100 or 0244300000.

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