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How to Take Care of Your Phone Charger

Keeping your charger in good condition is just as important as keeping your phone itself in good condition. Not only will it charge faster, but you won’t have to deal with frayed wires or corrosion that could hinder its ability to do its

How to Connect Alexa to PS4 and PS5

The PS4 and PS5 come with the ability to control them with Alexa, the virtual assistant that comes with Amazon Echo devices, and Microsoft’s Cortana. You can command the PS4 and PS5 to turn on or off, or you can play or pause content

What is a PIN Drive and its uses

Even though you may not have heard of the term before, you’ve probably seen plenty of media involving PIN drives on TV and movies, from movies to television shows. However, what are PIN drives? And how are they used? This article will
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