Ghana’s Biggest Tech Blog is Ghana’s biggest tech news websites founded by Shepherd Yaw Morttey. The tech blog is run by a team of tech and non-tech individuals who have come together to ensure a budding online space for Tech Enthusiasts and to raise the level of Tech awareness in Ghana (with Africa in mind) by publishing verified tech news, real-time reports, breaking news and opinions and articles.

With its origins in 2015 as a “questions and answers” group, before finally transitioning into a tech blog in 2017, the blog serves not just tech enthusiasts, but also for the general Ghanaian populace and for anyone interested in tech, in and outside of Ghana.

In addition to News, produce original tech-focused content geared at the everyday Ghanaian as well as the tech person, in and outside of Ghana. When readers visit, their questions are answered by our well-written articles which are to the point, very applicable and germane to technology in and outside Ghana.

We continually focus on delivering valuable content to the Ghanaian Community in and outside Ghana, as well as telling Ghana’s tech stories to the outside world.

If you generally love tech, want to learn about the latest trends in social media, gadgets, artificial intelligence, telcos and technological advancements in Ghana or tech companies and startups in Ghana, you’ll feel right at home here.

Here, you will gain fresh insight, sometimes opinionated, but very original into the Ghanaian Tech Space. Looking for tips and tricks as well as answers to some tech questions, our forums are a good place to start from. Over the years, we have built an encouraging community of everyday people who are taking interest in tech and not seeing it as a far-fetched field.

It’s no wonder that we are Ghana’s Biggest Tech blog, and we continue to grow.

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