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About Us

We are Ghana’s Biggest Relevant Technology Blog.

Our writers ink stuff that is to the point, very applicable and germane to technology in and outside Ghana

We interact with our readers, making them a part of the blog and giving them the reason to always come back.

With posts and information carefully crafted to be understandable to everyone, we are not just a tech blog for the geeks; we are here for everyone.

Our Story

Technology affects every facet of Human Life today. From the Calculator to the Car Keys to the smart phone and the smart TV. Everyone uses technology; so why are tech blogs so not for everyone? We set off to explain tech so simple that everyone would feel “in control” with their tech devices.

The Team

Shepherd Yaw Morttey | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

A technology wonk; writing with my right. There are no other options. Go get the goal!

Ekoue Walter | Facebook

I’m a Tech Specialist – an ICT4D Passionate person living in Accra, Ghana. I am an NGO/Humanitarian photographer, a technologist, and I love to volunteer. I’m also interested in research, entrepreneurship, global issues, international relations, teamwork, project management, rally video games.