JBL Wireless Earbuds vs Airpods: Which is Better?

We quickly discover the top wireless earbuds of 2018 thanks to a short Google search, but which ones are the best given the wide range of features and manufacturers? You’d be surprised at how easy the solution is.

We’ve reduced it to the JBL Free and the Apple Airpods after examining every wireless earbud available on this market in 2018. The presence of an Apple product at (or close to) the top of the list shouldn’t come as a surprise. Let’s quickly review the top two truly wireless earphones available in 2018.

JBL Wireless

In 2018, JBL adds a fresh touch to its line of wireless earbuds. In the past, earphones were used for music listening and occasionally as a hands-free system while driving.

For a more convenient experience, the JBL Free this year provides you the power to handle your incoming and outgoing calls through your earphone at the touch of a button.

The days of fumbling around to find your phone to decide what to do with your call, plugging in your headset, and then putting your phone away after making an apology to the person on the other end of the line for having to switch to your handsfree setup are long gone.

All of the extra time and humiliation are eliminated by the JBL. More than any other device on the market, the JBL Free allows consumers to use their earphones for a longer period of time.

The JBL Free can last nearly twice as long as any other wireless earbud with a 24-hour playing capability (4 hours of continuous playback and an extra 20 hours of charge in the charging case).

Finally, we want to talk about comfort because every ear is unique and no one size fits all. JBL is aware of this and offers a range of flexible, soft rubber ear tips so you can choose how your earbuds lay inside your ear.

This gives you the comfort to wear them throughout a run or exercise and the assurance that they won’t fall out.

Apple AirPods

Due to Apple’s brand, their Airpods will always rank at the top of any list of technological gadgets, like the majority of Apple goods do. All of Apple’s consumers’ requirements have been flawlessly incorporated into all of their products over the past few decades.

The Airpods are made to operate seamlessly with every other device in your network, much like the iMac, iPhone, and iPad. Your Airpods should sync with your iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad right away when you put them up and turn them on.

The Airpods’ connection enables you to use Siri without ever removing your phone from its pocket. Without ever having to find your phone, just double-tap one of your headphones to activate Siri.

To be concerned about background noise entering your microphone anytime you use Siri or take a call. The twin beamforming microphones from Apple are specially designed to cut down on background noisend offer the clearest calling experience.

Apple gives more than 24 hours of playback time and slightly over 11 hours of call time between the primary battery and the charging case backup, the same as how the JBL Airpods are built for a longer usage period.

JBL Wireless Earbuds vs Airpods. Which is Better?

With the above review made, it can be said that, apple airpod is mostly preferred ahead of JBL wireless. That doesn’t make JBL wireless bad at all. They are also a favourite but if you have the capacity to choose any, then you go for apple airpod first. However, if your budget can’t get you apple airpods, then JBL wirless can be your next best option..


When comparing your technology to the student sitting next to you, either earbud will put you at the front of the class, but ultimately the best option will depend on your use.

The JBL Free provides interchangeable tips for long-term comfort and uses, whereas the Airpods are more of a “one size fits all” design. For non-Apple users, the JBL will also let you link your other devices to the earphones. The earbuds’ accessibility and interaction with the rest of your smart devices, however, are unmatched for Apple customers.

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