1 Friendship, 2 Rooms, 3 Chums

Back in 2012, when I was admitted to the University of Cape Coast, I was one of the pleased people on earth (I’m even happier now). I was offered the then Bachelor of Commerce programme which I was to pursue for a period of 4 years. On that Saturday afternoon, when I reported to the Porter’s lodge of the Great Atlantic Hall (ATL), all I thought about was if I was really going to make good friends that understood me just like I had Obed and my mates in the E2 class at Senior High School.

Well, I was given room 510, with my School prefect from Senior High School, Benjamin Agrah and new roommate, Smith. For the first week in room 510, I was mostly glued to my Dell Latitude D540 or my Nokia XpressMusic. I went to lectures, spoke to a few, didn’t have any friends, apart from my roommates. I had a few fights at the Old Site Shuttle Station though.

I still do not recollect how I met Bright and Sammy, and I can therefore not give a clear account of how the friendship started. What I do remember however is that we offered the same courses in Level 100 and we had to study together a few times. We also discussed babble from different sources. Don’t ask me if we conversed about the ladies on campus. I don’t think I evoke any of such memories.

Myself and Bright were B.com students, Sammy was a BMS student. I was in ATL room 510, Bright and Sammy were in ATL room 509.

Make no Mistake, I did not only have 3 friends. I had a great deal of good friends on Campus.
Make no Mistake, I did not only have 3 friends. I had a great deal of good friends on Campus.

Startlingly, as close as we were, we never stayed together in the same hostel. We had a lot of adventures together. I remember when ATL celebrated our hall week. Some soloku and things. I also reminisce so gaudily when we had to study one night in Level 300 before a Management Information Systems exams. We had to stay all night in the University’s main library and when we realised the “all night” study technique was not really our thing, we had to resort to sleeping in turns at the main Library. 3 Fools indeed!

Well, we graduate from the University of Cape Coast on the 23rd of September. There will for sure be a reunion of the 3 fools, but also an Avenue to talk about our lives, going into the future (if we ever do find the time to chat on that day).

Bright and Sammy, thank you for all the time and friendship inside and outside the University of Cape Coast for the past 4 years. It’s been great meeting you guys! I love the rapport.


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