10 Chrome Extensions Useful for Digital Marketers

Chrome extension is a software that enables you to tailor Chrome functionalities to your preference. It gives you better browsing experience.

Whether you are a writer or digital marketer, there is an extension for you to make you work more effectively.

This article will talk about 10 Chrome extensions useful for digital marketers.


This helps you put your favourite sites in one place. While browsing, chances are that you will come across a story or article, you can always add it to your feed with Feedly. It also allows you to share them with others with just a click.


As a digital marketer, it is expected that you will do a lot of content writing and editing.

Grammarly helps you pull up to 250 errors and corrects both your grammar and spelling.

Social Blade

This amazing Google Chrome extension gives you social media statistics.

It is available to use for various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.


With Bit.ly, you can shorten your links directly from your Chrome browser.

It can be used to customize, copy, or share various links without leaving your browser.

Another advantage of this is that it makes measurement very easy, which is an essential part of the role of a digital marketer.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is a useful extension when you need to export analytics from LinkedIn. You are able to export data for your contacts and leads directly into your Gmail.

With this, reaching out to contacts becomes easy.


As a digital marketer, you work with various social media accounts, both personal and business.

It is difficult to remember the password to all these accounts and that is why you need the LastPass Google Chrome extension.

Simply secure your LastPass account with a strong password known to only you. All other passwords are kept safe in your LastPass vault.

You can also share these passwords with teammates without disclosing what they are.


Keeping up with posting on social media at the right time is a lot of work especially for a digital marketer handling multiple social media accounts.

The Buffer extension makes it easier by allowing you to schedule your posts to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

All you need to do is create your content ahead of time and schedule them with Buffer.

Keywords Everywhere

To carry out your keyword research, an extension that can help you is Keywords everywhere.

You can view CPC and keyword search volumes on multiple websites.

Tag Assistant

This Chrome extension enables you to confirm if your tags are working perfectly. This could be your Google Analytics or ads.

It checks the installation at the backend of your website and alerts you if anything goes wrong.


Every digital marketer that works with social media understands how important hashtags are. They determine the reach of your content.

Hashtest helps you test the quality of the hashtags you use. It ensures you use niche-based hashtags to give your content more reach.

Contents get lost in popular hashtags.


There is no doubt that these Chrome extensions are a must-have for any digital marketer looking to work more efficiently.

Let us know in the comments if you have used any of these Google Chrome extensions.

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