10 Things You Didn’t Know About iPhone

The iPhone has created a revolution in the mobile phone market. And even over the years, it remains one of the best-selling mobile phones available. Although the iPhone is loved by millions of users, there still are some things and iPhone features you even didn’t know about before. And in this article, we are going to reveal 10 things about the iPhone we bet you had no idea about. 

Great things about iPhone you did not know

1. Scan things from your iPhone with an app scanner

Why buy costly special equipment when you get a pdf scanner on your mobile phone? And that’s not a joke. You can get the best document scanner app for iPhone and deal with scanning ID and other documents in just a few seconds. A great time saver, isn’t it? A scanner app iOS will make dealing with documents a much more convenient process. 

2. Delete data when a stranger attempts to access your iPhone

We’ve been aware of this capability for as far as we can recall, but it’s frequently hidden in the settings of the iPhone. The majority of people use a passcode, and that security is a terrific way to stop outsiders from accessing your iPhone’s personal information. If you are extremely concerned about security or have highly sensitive information on your phone, you can take additional safeguards.

Your phone can wipe itself with this capability if 10 passcode tries fail. What I appreciate about it is that the only method to correctly access an iPhone when you’ve forgotten your password is to wipe it, restore this from the backup, and establish a new passcode. This safeguards your data in addition to your privacy. Even if you are the one typing the incorrect passcode, you may save yourself the time-consuming effort of using iTunes to restore by turning on this function. 

3. Make a video recording of your screen

People frequently utilize the screen recording feature when playing games on their phones. You can use screen recording and share it with a friend or a group member.

Although we prefer to use screen recording in this manner, there are many other uses as well. Perhaps you use it to capture an entire chat line, post, or document while you scroll through rather than taking many screenshots to demonstrate a technical problem to your tech-savvy friend. 

This is a feature that debuted with iOS 14 and has gone unnoticed by individuals who like to be exceptionally organized or who have a lot of images and want to recall why they took particular screenshots or more questionable photos.

We frequently collect a lot of in-game screenshots and then remember why we took them, therefore we prefer to utilize this for those. When we are attempting to increase our total storage, knowing if an image is one we are happy with removing also helps.

5. Make use of the hidden touchpad

On your keyboard, there is a hidden touchpad. There are various methods to access it based on your smartphone or tablet. On several of the more recent iPhones, pressing any key may cause the keyboard to disappear. The cursor will now follow your finger movements as you move it around the screen.

You may need to press and hold the spacebar on some iPads and iPhones in order to reach this mode. It’s a terrific technique to navigate a document or to just put the cursor in a precise location in an email, text, or note.

6. Add other appearances to your Face ID 

If you own an iPhone with Face ID, you surely appreciate how easy it is to unlock it by simply glancing at it. However, it is unpleasant when Face ID fails to identify you. You could experience this if you’re wearing readers or if your cap is hiding a part of your face, among other possibilities. You can configure your iPhone to identify a different appearance using iOS 12.

7. Personalizing your notifications

This is among very useful things for the iPhone. We get an alert on our main screen whenever a message, call, or e-mail comes in. Many apps will provide us notifications as well until we turn it off. These notifications can also be obtained in other ways.

By heading to Settings, then Notifications, then select the app you wish to customize notifications for, you may choose your own notification style. Choose from a variety of Alerts, Banner Styles, Sounds, and other options.

You may now make getting an email or message sounds like a horn blowing or a dog barking, for example. These alerts allow you to distinguish between the different messages so that you may choose which ones require your urgent attention.

Those are far not all the things you didn’t know about iPhone

Of course, this list of things is not complete. But we hope that they helped you learn some useful things and tricks from our article. 

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