10 Websites To Download Music From Legally

If you are a music lover like me, then you might definitely want to have some kinds of music on your phone.

You will agree with me that your current mood determines the music you listen and also music becomes sweet to you when it is talking about your mood or the lyrics match with what you are going through.

Eg: you will begin to like listening to Celine Deon’s music when you are in love or you will begin to listen to Arash music when your heart is broken or on the verge of breaking up.

There are many sites on the internet that provide kinds of music for you to download but most of them distribute copyrighted content illegally, that does not mean all sites provide illegal kinds of music, some do, that’s why in this article I am going to take you through the top sites that you can download music from legally

Mp3 Music Download Hunter

This is an android app that gives you the chance to search for free mp3 songs for downloads, its free to use and there is no need to create an account before using also.

The music you will get on this app is the ones that are available through the Creative Commons license for noncommercial use.

When you are done searching for your favourite music on this app, you can now download it to your phone and listen to it without the internet.


Soundcloud is one music distribution platform that allows artists to upload their music and then fans can access this music for free, users on SoundCloud can create playlist, stream and then give their comments on the tracks they listen to, the platform has a variety of music categories from pop, hip-hop, genres and many more.

Soundcloud is a freemium platform meaning they have free membership and premium membership, premium versions have access to listening to the music offline without ads whiles free versions does the opposite. Also, you can download music to your phone from SoundCloud when the artist allowed his or her tracks for downloads.


One good thing about Audiomack is that there is no premium version, artists can upload their music on the platform and fans can stream and download it for free.

Audiomack allows uploaders to see the analytics of their music and can also monetize it.

Follow our link to download the audiomack app on your device.

Free Music Archive

You can download free MP3 music on their platform without creating an account or registering, all the music that can be found on this platform are available with various commons licenses.

Most of the music that is on this platform is more of background songs and music that are used for making videos and are free to use, there are many songs that you can listen to through their sites and you can also download the tracks to your phone or computer.


What I love about this platform is that it let artist upload music and then you get to decide what you will pay to stream or download. You can type in 0 and still get the song which basically means you are streaming or downloading for free.

You can download songs and full albums and have a variety of music that you can download which won’t be available for free on many music download sites. Also, you don’t need an account to stream or download.


Soundclick provides free music right from the artist’s sites. The music available is the ones that the artists themselves have decided to let people download them for free.

There are various categories that you can browse from be it genres and a whole lot. You can choose to either download or listen to music online.


Many categories are all available for free download, they also have coming soon section, latest release or you can look through their library for a lot of music.

You can stream your favourite music and download all of them for free.


BeatStars also offers free music downloads, you can sort the music by latest and trending and they also have many categories be it genres and many other moods like inspiring songs, beats, beats with chorus and many more.

One thing about this platform is that, if you want to download music for free, you will first have to subscribe to the artist’s Youtube channel or profile before you can have access to the download button.


Pure volume is a community for music lovers. Artist has to sign up and then upload his or her song and then listeners can download or stream the music and can also upvote after listening.

On this platform it is up to the artist to either allow his or her music for download or not, most of the artist allows listeners to download their music on their phones and computers, there are a variety of songs that can be found on this platform.

Google Play Music

Google play store does not only offer apps downloads but also provides a collection of free music that you can stream, download and also youse them for your videos


Many sites offer free music but some sites provide music that is copyrighted and illegal to use, maybe you would want to download free music or use them for your videos without having any copyright issues.

That’s why in this article I went through the top 10 sites that you can download music from legally.

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