15 cool ideas for creating your mobile app

When was the last time you spent a whole day without a phone? It’s hard to remember, isn’t it? Smartphones have captured the life of everyone on Earth and this is not surprising. They greatly facilitate any activity. There is a huge number of helper applications and entertainment programs. Learn more at freeappsforme.

If you think that the capabilities of mobile phones can’t be expanded – you are mistaken. Existing applications have a lot to develop. Well, by 2020, many companies have completely new ideas.

If you would like to test your knowledge in application development in practice or vice versa start learning in the process, let’s consider a selection of ideas for creating your mobile app.


It feels like everyone needs this application, not just the lazy ones. Since unpleasant things also have to be done. The app could work in such a way that a person uploads a photo with a description of the problem, solves it, and others evaluate it. If someone deleted a case without completing it, the rating is lowered. This way, any user of the app will be able to assess whether it was worth it to motivate themselves with the app, whether it performed well. And based on the points received, a rating is formed and assigned to each user. By the way, it can be useful for HR managers who can evaluate the candidate’s hard work and approach.

Alarm clock with tasks

Again, it will be useful not only for the lazy, although it may seem so. The problem is that after the alarm goes off, not everyone gets up immediately. You can use the app to make sure that after an alert, the app restricts access to some of the most used phone functions until you complete the task that you need. For example, you created a shopping list in Google Keep, the alarm clock app analyzed your actions and set a task: to buy products from your list. Until you upload a photo of the receipt, you will not be able to access the full functions of the device. By this time you will be fully awake.

An assistant in a relationship with the opposite sex

It will be useful for those who do not understand how to communicate with the opposite sex. When you register, you specify your sex only. Start points are awarded and you can ask a question that is sent to a completely random user. Points are deducted for this. When you answer someone else’s questions, points are awarded to you. With this application, you can resolve family, friends, work, and global issues.


This is another alarm clock. But here, the motivation to wake up is financial. Each deferred alarm clock is money debited to charity. Alternatively, blocked, for those who do not know how to save money, but so, you can collect the amount for large purchases.

An assistant in the study

This is similar to what was above, but for those who are engaged in self-education. Help others learn a topic or take credit — get points, when you need help — spend them.

Instagram limited to one photo

Similar to Instagram, but with the condition that you can post only one photo at most. Perhaps this will help you become more creative and improve your photography skills.

Tinder for musicians

In many countries, many people can play instruments or sing. But only a few can produce their music. It seems that one of the problems is that it is difficult to reach another person who is also interested in making music. The app will solve it.

Rounding up investment

Another application to save or invest free money. For example, when buying something in the store for $5.99, the amount is rounded to $6. And this happens with every purchase. By the end of the year, you will have accumulated a significant amount for your wallet.

Bad roads

The essence is that motorists will allocate bad road sections. Then the information will be analyzed and make a final rating for all sections. The worst ones will be highlighted in red, the good ones in green. Those who are going on the road will be able to build a path along the best roads. Those responsible for road quality control will receive automatically generated reports on critical sections.


Based on your goals, the app creates a consistent plan for solving the problem using incentives that are determined by the app or you. Incentives can be either restrictive: if you don’t complete a task, you lose a function, or money is blocked. Or you make up your punishment. This may sound strange, but it makes it easier to control your actions.

Application for buying and selling companies

It is not necessary to sell or buy the company in full, but only in shares. It looks like this: someone sells 15% in their SOFTWARE company for a conditional price. If the user became interested and subsequently purchased a share, the app creator receives a percentage of the transaction or a percentage of the share. The main task is to bring the buyer and seller together. All legal aspects should be taken over by users. Or you can enter additional legal support for a fee.


Not exactly what you think. You don’t need to write your thoughts or chronology of the day. The application will do it for you based on the analysis of the data from your devices, including location, notes, visiting sites, and so on. This is convenient both for parents who want to control their children and for busy people who want to control themselves.

Collection of promotions and discounts

The point is to collect information about stocks in completely different areas of trading and service provision, to analyze average prices on the market and publish only really worthwhile stocks that may be of interest to a particular user. Monetization here is simple – CPA.

Blocking funds

Something similar has already happened above. But this idea is different in that you put a block on withdrawing and paying from the bank card yourself, or those who use your card when you feel the lack of resources or are tempted to buy something useless.

Call notes

It happens that after a phone conversation important moments are forgotten. You can record every conversation and then listen to it. But it’s uncomfortable. It’s easier if the application analyzes the speech, notes the information voiced during the conversation, and, for example, puts reminders.

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