How To Create an Account & Deposit On 1XBET Using Mobile Money

There are many betting companies in Ghana and when we are to talk about the best betting companies in Ghana, then 1XBET is one company we can’t end the conversation without adding.

They were the official partner of the 2019 African cup of nations and a partner for Tottenham Hotspur.

The company was founded in 2007 and have been in all of over Europe and then later expanded their reach to Africa, on 28th December 2018 1XBET started operating in Ghana.

1XBET boasts of having over 400,000 users and on their site, you can bet on football, golf,  athletics, skiing and many more.

In this article, I am going to take you through how to deposit on 1XBET using MTN mobile money but before that, I want to take you through how to sign up for 1XBET account if you are not having an account, if you already have an account then you can skip this step to the next step.

How To Set Up 1XBET Account

Signing Up Using The 1XBET Website

  1. Visit and click on Registration
  2. You can choose to register with your phone number or by e-mail, by number you will type in your phone number and then click on Send SMS to receive a confirmation code and then type in to sign up.

If you choose to register by e-mail then you will be required to fill in your region, city, first and last name, email and your password.

After successfully signing up, now it is time to deposit money into your 1XBET account and start betting

How To Deposit On 1XBET Using MTN Mobile Money

Depositing Using 1XBET Website

  1. On your dashboard tap on Deposit at the top right corner or click on your profile and tap on Deposit on the drop-down menu that will appear.
  2. Since this tutorial is about MTN mobile money, scroll to Mobile Payments and then tap on MTN Ghana push.
  3. Type in the amount you want to deposit to your 1XBET account, type in your number in the international format eg (+2330549xxxxxx) and then tap on confirm.
  4. Within seconds you will get a push notification asking you to approve the amount you requested from your mobile money account, type in your pin to confirm.

If you don’t receive the notification, then you will have to approve the transaction yourself, to do this follow these steps:

  • Dial *170#
  • Select My Wallet
  • My Approvals
  • Enter your pin to access your Approval list
  • Choose a pending transaction
  • Now input 1 to approve the transaction, withing minutes you should see your money in your 1XBET account.

Depositing Using 1XBET Mobile App

  1. On your app tap on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner
  2. On the Mobile Payment tab click on Top Up Account and then choose MTN Ghana Push
  3. Now specify the amount you will want to deposit and don’t forget to make your number international format starting with your country code and then press on confirm after that approve the push notification transaction.


Aside 1XBET being one of the best betting company in Ghana here, it has also made it easy to deposit money and withdraw, one thing I love about 1XBET is they have the highest odds as compared to the other betting companies I’ve used before.

Is 1XBET also your favourite? Or there is one betting company that I am missing? Let me know in the comment section below.

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