2 Reasons why startups and small businesses need to consider cloud hosting solutions

Startups and small businesses are among those that are looking for the cheapest, yet very workable solutions for their everyday needs. With the advancement of the internet, cloud computing and its associations have become very necessary.

However, startups and small businesses are among those that are still not adopting such solutions, especially here in Ghana.

Cloud hosting simply means the resources that you use to run your email, website and other infrastructure are on a web server or servers which is/are not physically present in your office or a location that you directly control.

Because of this, cloud hosting plans offer a wide range of benefits.

This is why startups and small businesses should use cloud hosting solutions:


Scalability should be the biggest reason why startups and businesses should opt for cloud hosting in the first place. The ability to grow without breaking a finger or having to cope with any complex configurations should be the focus of the small business as there are more “pressing needs” to deal with.

Some of the scalability options like that which is offered by Digital Ocean means that business can reverse to smaller plans if there is no need for the additional resources that they may have brought on.

AWS and Google Cloud offer automatic scalability, so all the businesses need to do is to relax and focus on satisfying their customers as their servers may not reach a point where the load is difficult to take.

Increased Performance

Shared hosting (which is the closest alternative for website hosting if you are not considering cloud) is an example of how hosting should not be.

Multiple restrictions and caps make websites slow, sometimes leading to a lot of unplanned downtimes. What’s most annoying is that, on shared hosting, someone else on the same host as you could be causing everyone else to suffer because they are abusing the shared resources.

Hosting companies continue to crack down those who abuse the shared servers but this is largely ineffective because most often than not, the harm (downtime and slow loading sites) has already been caused.


Although setting up a cloud infrastructure for your business might seem tedious, the advantages are so great that it pays to. Do well to contact a cloud computing expert if you need advice.

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