2020 Week 2: Top 5 Cryptocurrencies

The second week of 2020 seems to be a positive week for the crypto market. Majority of the top 100 cryptos in the world have made some positive gains in general towards the end of the week.

As we prepare to begin the third week, here we bring you a brief analysis of how the top 5 cryptos performed throughout the week.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin made an entry into the new week on Sunday, 5th January 2020 at 7,561.30 USD. Interestingly, that was the lowest point for bitcoin throughout the week.

It rose steadily and reached its peak on Wednesday morning at 8,346.00 USD. As of press time on Sunday 12th January 2020, bitcoin is trading at 8,150.53 USD.

Having seen a growth of 7.8 per cent over the past one week and with a market capitalisation of 147.95 Billion USD, Bitcoin tops our list of the top 5 cryptocurrencies of the just ended week.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency just behind bitcoin is still leading as the second biggest crypto asset in the second week of 2020.

The week for Ethereum started rather slowly with an initial entry of 136.17 USD. Towards the middle of the week on Wednesday, Ethereum peaked at 147.62 USD. However, right from Wednesday through to Friday, Ethereum has been on a negative parabolic movement and reaching its lowest point at 135.93 USD.

But there is good news for holders. It looks like the weekend produced some magic as Ethereum sells at 146.2 USD as of press time today. Conclusively, Ethereum achieved a growth of 7.6 per cent over the past week. Its capitalisation stands at 15.92 Billion Dollars.


Ripples has been one of the worst-performing crypto assets among the top 10 towards the end of last year and this year. Many crypto gurus have predicted it as one of the coins to cause major shakeup in the industry this year. Well, we wait to see how that turns out.

Still struggling at the top, Ripples started the week with 0.19 USD and has been going slightly up and down throughout the week. Its peak was 0.223 USD which happened on Tuesday. And the least was the entry point. So in all, XRP concluded the week at 0.213 USD with a gain of 12.1 per cent and a market capitalisation of 8.56 Billion Dollars.

4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin cash has been enjoying some major rise in price from the beginning of the year. BCH entered the week at 223.71 USD. Its peak was on Saturday when it earned a price of 270.45 USD.

The lowest point, however, was the entry point which means it’s seen positive growth. As at press time, BCH is selling at 266.86 USD. Per mathematics, BCH has seen a growth of 19.28 Percent over the week. Its market capitalisation is pegged at 4.861 Billion Dollars.

5. USD Tether (USDT)

Tether is our last baby for the week. With steady pricing, Tether hardly loses or gains anything in the crypto market. However, its market capitalisation of 4.635 Billion Dollars puts it in the driving seat as the fifth and final crypto asset on our list for this weekend.

Kindly check out our list of top 5 cryptocurrencies based on market capitalisation and percentage gains Next week Sunday.

NB: We do not give advice on crypto investments. Like any other investment program, cryptocurrencies are very risky ventures to invest in. Please do seek the views of an expert before making a decision to invest in cryptocurrencies.

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