3 Addictive Games You Can Play On Your Smart Phone Now

Boredom is one of the major causes of emotional and psychological problems across the globe.

Being bored also causes engagement in activities that may sometimes have negative consequences on your being as a person.

It is also widely known that games are forms of entertainment that sharpen our thinking and logical skills.

In this article, we shall look at three addictive games you can play on your smartphone at any given time.

Football Strike

This game is very intriguing and keeps you coming back for more. I know the sound of football in the name scares some people especially those who do not enjoy football that much. Well, this particular game is quite different from your usual soccer game.

This game only requires you to point at certain targets and shoot at them in a duel with other live players online. For every successful target you hit within a given time, you score several points ranging from1 to 6 depending on the speed of the ball, the time is taken and the exact spot you hit with the ball.

The beautiful thing about this game is that you can challenge your friends on social media live. Also, there are over 93 achievements you need to get before you complete the game.

And what makes it more fascinating is that there are millions of people playing the game all the time so the leaderboard keeps changing by the seconds and this keeps it very competitive.

You can download this game on both android and IOS devices.

Mario Kart Tour

For fans of Nintendo games, Mario Forever and Mario Kart Tour should be common names. Well, Nintendo has found the need to create a small-screens version of their highly patronized race game.  So, anyone can now download this game on their mobile devices and play with their favourite characters through the beautiful routes and win various races as they unlock newer levels and competitions.

If you were a fan of games during your childhood, you’d want to have this one on your phone. This game is free of charge.

However, there are in-app purchases to be made when one wants to open certain locked features and locations.

It is available on both android and IOS.

Homicide Squad: Newyork Cases

If you are a fan of investigative novels or movies, then definitely this game is for you.

In this game, you are expected to use your critical analysis skills to identify hardcore evidence at murder scenes to present before a court of law, to serve justice.

You would be required to control two brilliant detectives as they solve crimes across the state.

The energy given you is limited so the more time you spend in getting your evidence, the more your energy drains.

However, there is an in-app purchase option which enables you to buy more energy. It is a pretty intense game that requires some level of thinking and analysis. When you get hooked on it, you will wish your battery never runs down. It is available on both Android and IOS.


The games listed in this article are mostly strategy games and so require some level of analysis and accuracy. And as indicated In the caption, they are addictive games that can keep you glued from morning to evening.

So, if you do not intend to be glued to a game, then you should not attempt installing them. However, if you can control yourself from spending too much time on them, then you sure have no reason to stay away from them. I believe there are many other games of interest to you as well. Kindly share them with us in the comment box.

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