3 Apps That Can Help You Identify Who Unfollowed You On Instagram

One annoying this about Instagram is the painful reduction in followers from time to time.

Considering how difficult it is to build a sizeable following on Instagram, losing followers frequently could be a very painful experience for users of the photo-sharing app.

One of the main reasons people follow others on Instagram is so that they could get a follow back or maybe see their newest photos they post on Instagram.

After getting the follow back, most people try to be smart by unfollowing some of the accounts they had earlier followed so that they could reduce the accounts they follow as compared with the accounts that follow them.

An account with more followers than it follows has more power and authority than an account with fewer followers.

In this article, we shall focus on 3 apps you could use to identify those who unfollow you on Instagram so you could also unfollow them or take any other step.

Followers Assistant

Followers Assistant
Followers Assistant

Searching for an application which can help you grow your Instagram following with just a few clicks?

Well, then this application is meant for you. Primarily, the Followers Assistant App is meant to help grow your Instagram following.

It provides you with a comprehensive data of those who followed and unfollowed you within a given period.

You then have the option of either unfollow those who unfollowed you or follow those who followed you.


followers App
followers app

This application is very easy to use and provides users with the ability to see their new followers, those who have unfollowed them in recent times as well as people who blocked them within recent times.

The Followers App also allows users to identify their comments that have been deleted in recent times. It also provides users with the list of their most viewed and liked posts on Instagram.

However, this app comes with premium packages from 1.99$ upwards to unlock some of its features.

You can download on both iOS and Android.

Unfollowers On Instagram

Unfollowers App
Unfollowers App

This app is very similar to the other ones described above as they all perform similar functions.

However, the Unfollowers On Instagram app is primarily aimed at helping users discover those who unfollowed them on the photo-sharing app.

One thing about this app, however, is that it doesn’t have a much beautiful user interface as compared with the earlier ones.

It, however, provides other options such as likes, views and reactions over specific periods. It also provides data on comments that have been deleted. All these come at a small fee of 2 $.


Gaining followers on Instagram is no joke. Most times, it is a ‘follow for follow’ way of generating followers that help people grow their account.

SidesMedia is a fantastic service for TikTok & Instagram growth service that claims to provide real TikTok & Instagram followers with a high retention rate.

As such, when you lose followers under some tricky condition, it becomes a concern. The apps discussed above are some of the best apps that can help you track unfollows and many other hidden stats on your Instagram account.

Since these apps are third-party applications, you need to read and understand their terms and conditions before using them. If you know of any other applications that serve the same purpose, kindly name them in the comment box below.

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