4 Best Invoice Apps For iPhone and iPad Users

Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur who finds it difficult to create invoices? Well, do not worry anymore because in this article I am going to show you the 4 best apps apps on iPhone and iPads for invoices.

Starting a business or entrepreneurship is one of the most interesting and yet difficult tasks you could ever take in your life. All the hard work you do is just because of only one thing and that is your finances or money.

Because of this, when it comes to managing your finances as a business owner, freelancer, accountant, or entrepreneur, it is very important and must be done with high attention to detail. Gone are the days where invoices had to be written on papers and then sent to the person looking to do the business with you.

Due to technological advances, the hard job of writing invoices on pieces of paper is long gone and now they can be done on your iPhone or iPad. Since this is a critical and a very important feature in your business’s growth and development, knowing the right apps will go a long way.

The Apple App Store is a very big store that consists of different types of apps that perform the same or similar functions. However, I have compiled a comprehensive list of the top 3 apps I recommend you use to create invoices on your iPhone or iPad.

1. QuickBooks Accounting

Featuring as the no. 119th app on the Business apps chart on the Apple App Store, QuickBooks Accounting is a very useful app for businesses, especially small and start-up companies.

QuickBooks has several amazing features which include a real-time dashboard where you can track all your expenses, invoices, and payments. On the same dashboard, you can view your profit and loss to see what you are making and spending together with your financial report.

The Invoice generator featured in it allows you to trace and track all invoices you have sent so that you can always know who owes you and who doesn’t. Interestingly, the invoice can be created in multiple currencies, therefore all you must do is to choose your preferred currency.

This app is free and has in-app purchases.

2. Zintego

Zintego is another invoicing app that provides efficient, convenient, and fast invoicing solutions for small business owners, freelancers, and creatives. With the ability to create estimates and invoices in a matter of minutes, Zintego allows users to optimize their time and receive faster payments through credit or debit cards and other online methods.

The app also offers customizable invoice templates and a receipt generator to help businesses look professional and attractive. Zintego features a secure, easy-to-use platform accessible from any device, anywhere, and comes with various invoice templates for different industries, including photography, web design, consulting, and more.

The app can be tried for free with a 30-day trial on the website – https://www.zintego.com and has different pricing plans to fit the needs of any business.

3. Zoho Invoice – Invoicing App

Zoho Invoice is the second invoice app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users. This app according to the developers, Zoho Corporation, this app was created specifically to help small business owners and freelancers.

Available in the app is a professionally created invoice template that helps you to create your professional invoice in just a matter of minutes. The template is designed specifically to help you tweak it to suit your business goals and your brand.

You can also keep track of your business by checking the dashboard to make informed business decisions. There are also quick insights that are available with vibrant graphs and charts together with business reports.

Also, you can print your invoices by using the Air Print feature if your iPhone or iPad has this feature. Zoho Invoice is also completely free.

4. Invoicera

Invoicera is a cloud-based invoice and billing app which is used by over 3 million businesses, according to Invoicera on the App Store. It helps you to automate and simplify the creation of invoices on your iPhone or iPad with the multi-lingual and multi-currency features also in it.

Some of the features in the Invoicera app include easy, quick, and efficient ways to create professional invoices from your iPhone or iPad 24/7. Also, you can easily generate pdf formats of your invoice, review and then send it to your clients right on your iPhone or iPad.

You can also add customers from your customer list and item from the item list to your invoice in just a few taps and clicks. Also, you can easily manage your accounts using the language and the currency of your choice.

Once invoices are paid, they are automatically reflected on your dashboard for you to know who has paid and who has not. (This feature varies depending on your location). This app is also free and has paid subscriptions available depending on your budget and the number of businesses you wish to manage in the Invoicera app.


Creating invoices in this modern technology age is very easy, fast, and more importantly, portable. You no longer have to go around carrying your invoice book with your invoices. You can do so using your iPhone or iPad.

Several invoicing apps are available on the App Store but in this article, I have recommended some of the 4 best invoicing apps for iPhone and iPad users. All the apps in the article are completely free so you can try all of them and choose the one that suits your preference.

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