3 Best Photo Editing Apps You Can Use For Free

With the advancement of the smartphone and the improvement in the camera quality, a lot of people have now come to love editing on their smartphone device than even editing photos on their pc. Social media influencers most especially Snapchat and Instagram influencers and celebrities use their smartphone for editing their photos before posting them on those platforms. Smartphones today can do virtually all what a pc or mac can do. But what makes people still love using pc and mac mostly is the ability to view their work on a wider screen. When it comes to editing apps, both pc and smartphones have the same apps that perform the same functions to its users. When a user searches for the best photo editing apps on the Play store or Appstore, millions of apps will show in from the search. Both paid and free versions of these apps will be displayed for you. But as a user which one to choose will become a problem especially now that almost all the apps have similar functions and features. If you clicked on this post and you are still reading up to this stage, it is a fact that you are looking for the best free apps that you can use for editing photos on your smartphone. If that’s the case then we are going to discuss these apps here in this post. So without wasting much time, let’s see some of these apps.


Snapseed by far is my number one best free photo editing app for smartphones. The app has awesome features and functions that anyone who is looking to edit photos using their smartphone will love. Packed with a range wide of tools such as crop, rotate, heal and vignette and including some features of such curves, DNG support, precision masking, perspective. The app makes professional looking edited pictures. What I like about this app are the double exposure, frames, text and grunge overlays. Adjust exposure and colour automatically or manually with fine, precise control. You can Position picture up to 8 points on the image and assign enhancements then the algorithm magically does the rest. This app is a must-have app if you really want a quality editor for your snaps.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Another great app that we can’t list best editing apps for android and ios is Adobe Photoshop Express. It has all the basic editing tools that one can expect in any professional photo editor. The ability to rotate, crop, red-eye correction and brightness adjustment is what makes this app stands tall among the other apps.  It has in it an excellent selection of smart filters designed to correct some issues with pictures, taken on with some camera. You can correct a picture colour temperature, fogging and exposure problems. A user of this app can also select from a wide variety of borders and artistic effects and can be adjusted using simple sliders. The app has a great option that allows you to make collage pictures to share memories on social media. Check the app on play store and see it for yourself.


Canva is one of the powerful online editing software that everyone including pro editors uses for editing their graphics online. It has premade templates that you can use and make some changes to suit your content. Most YouTubers including me used Canva to editor their thumbnails and this has made the software more popular in recent times. Canva used to be available only on the pc and mac and can be used online. But with the advancement in the smartphone and the higher demand of photo editing apps, the team Canva has also brought out their mobile version and this version is also one of the best you can think off. When I came across this mobile version of the app, I was so happy because it gives me the chance to edit all my graphics on my smartphone which does not require me being on the pc before doing so. It has all the great filters and effects that will really make your images shine. It has tons of templates to choose from and personalize with your own pictures and text. Even though some of the templates and sections are exclusively made for the paid version of this app, there are cools tools, graphics, templates and effects available free. Check the Canva app from this section and see the full details for yourself.
Photo editing can be tedious work but with the invention of these apps, you can easily edit any photo like a professional and get the best outcome from your photos. If you are in need of best free apps for editing photos on smartphones then we hope these apps will be the best choice for you. Go ahead and give them a try. Believe me, you will enjoy them.
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