3 Best Sites To Make Genuine Money In Ghana

Everyone wants to make money on the internet but only a few are really making it. Money is something which is difficult to come by these days especially on the internet. With a lot of scams and crap websites online, many people fears to venture into a certain aspect of the online business.

When you talk to people about online dealings, the first thing that comes to their mind is what if I get scammed? Yeah, is normal to think of that because every individual today is risk-averse.

Because of the activities of some unscrupulous people on the internet, it’s hard to see people especially the average person to trust the online making money process.

A reader from one of my blogs asked me to show him some sites that they can make some cool cash from in Ghana and this has gotten my attention the fact that people are now trying to make money from their own effort.

If you are on this page it means you are ready also on a look for these sites that you can make some cash from and this post I will be highlighting these site for you and show you how to go about it.

3 sites to make cash from in Ghana

  1. 15ghana.com
  2. Jumia.com
  3. Facebook

The above listed are some of the sites you can make money genuinely from Ghana using your god gifted skills and other experience you had. These sites cannot make you rich overnight but can at least bring you some passive income as times goes on. Are you still here with me? If yes then let’s dig deep and see how to use these sites to make some cash in Ghana


If you are a newbie to the internet making money opportunity, you may not know what freelancing is, but if you are already into this kind of dealings then by know should know or you should come by this keyword freelance. Freelancing is a term used to describe the act of doing peoples job on their behalf for a reward. the person who does another person job is called a freelancer. Freelancers get paid to do some jobs that they are good at.

There is a lot of freelancing platform that brings clients closer to freelancers and 15 Ghana is one of those sites. 15ghana.com is a Ghanaian based freelancing company that brings freelancer from Ghana and African at large to their prospective clients.

Anyone can become a freelancer on this platform. If you are good at something, or you have skills that you think people will be looking for, you can go to the 15 Ghana platform a create a gig for those skills.

A gig is more or less like a job. In the freelancing business that’s how we call a gig. The whole freelancing concept works this way: there will be three parties to the transaction. First, If you have skills say” in graphic design, all you need to do is to head to 15ghana.com and create an account. It is free to create an account on the platform.

Once you create an account, the next thing is to create a job the job will be like this: I will do _____ .for; then you add your price. For examples let’s say I’m good at content writing. So I will go and create a job with the title: “I will write an SEO friendly content for your blog publication for GHS 25”. Now I will publish this job on the platform.

The next step is for the platform owners to review the job and then approve it. Once the job is approved then it will be displayed on their homepage and anyone who is in need of the job will order and pay for it. Once it ordered your job is to write the article and deliver. After delivering of the job, the client will need to write a review on the job expressing his satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the work. After a positive review on the job, then the 15ghana team will then pay you using your mobile money details on your account.


Jumia is one of the popular online shopping platforms in Ghana today. Everyone knows about this e-commerce platform because of their improved services and also their ability to satisfy customers with the best products. Many know this e-commerce giant to be into only selling of goods, but what they don’t know is the fact that you can also make some decent amount of cash from this shopping site.

Like the other big brands such as Amazon and eBay, Jumia has an associated programme known as affiliate account. With this, you can make money by bringing customers to purchase products on the Jumia shop.

How to make money on Jumia

First, you need to make sure you are 18year and above. Now the next thing is to go to the Jumia site and head towards the footer section of the site. There you will see a section where it says become an affiliate.

Here you click on it and you will be taken to a page where you have to create an affiliate account. After successfully creating of the account you will now be given a specific link that you have to promote. Make sure to use the link well and promote it to all your social media.

With this, if customers should use one of your links to purchase a product on the Jumia site, you get paid a commission. I have made a lot of cash using this process and I believe you can also do so.  You can run Facebook ads for the affiliate link in other to get more commission. We will look at that in upcoming posit but for now, this is what you need to know.


Facebook is a number one leading social media site that even a 15-year boy knows about today. Facebook is created to serve as a platform where family and friends can socialize by exchanging pictures and text.

But today Facebook has grown fully to even pass the stage of being a social media platform to a money-making platform. What people don’t know is the fact that normal people just like me and you are making a lot of cash using the Facebook platform. They do that by leverage other people’s time and money.

How to make money on Facebook

Companies and some individuals need exposures to their products and service. They are always on a look for people who can help with this demand. Internet marketer’s who are familiar with the Facebook platform and other social media advertisement uses their skills to get these companies what they want.

They reached out to these companies with an offer to give them the maximum exposure they need. These companies and individuals will then pay for the service and then the influencer will promote the companies product on their fan pages on the Facebook platform. Some may even have to run Facebook ads for their clients.

You can read more on how to run Facebook ads for a client and have much understanding how all this work then you can begin to promote a local business within your locality in return for a reward.

Wrapping up

Making money online as a Ghanaian can be difficult if you are just starting but as you keep on pushing, you will be able to overcome all the obstacles and hopefully you will start to make all the cash you need.

The above-listed sites are some of the sites you can make money from. I will encourage you to give them a try because reading this without taking action can never get you nowhere so go ahead and them a try and also read more on them to have much understanding on how the platforms work. Thanks for reading and see you in the next post.

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