3 Paypal Alternatives You Can Use To Send And Receive Money In Ghana

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While Paypal remains arguably the most-used payment methods for international transactions all over the world, its unavailability in some countries, especially in Africa, makes it difficult for people to transact businesses online.

What most people do not know however is that there are other Softwares and platforms that provide users with the opportunity to send money to any part of the world from any part of the world.

In this article, we shall look at three of those platforms that can be used to send and receive money internationally in Ghana.


Transferwise is a global financial technology (fintech) company which provides people with the opportunity to send money outside their jurisdiction while maintaining the real exchange rate at the time of sending and also with a very minimal cost.

While sending an amount of 1, 000 British pounds, one gets to pay either 3.95 or 6.5 GBP as the charge and a mid-market exchange rate too. Also, Transferwise is trusted by over 6 million customers with over 13 physical offices across the world and over 5 billion euros sent every single month by users.

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Click below to read how to register and send money to any part of the world using Transferwise: Transferwise: How To Receive Money From Outside To Ghana


Payoneer is a perfect and even better substitute for Paypal since it provides the options of sending money overseas via bank transfer or to a debit or credit card directly.

Monies sent to prepaid cards via Payoneer can be withdrawn directly from ATM machines which option is mostly not associated with Paypal.

The least amount you can send to anyone using Payoneer is 20 Dollars.

And Payoneer is available in all countries across the globe so you can easily send money to your friends across the world without worrying about how they’ll withdraw the money.

World Remit

This method is applicable to all nations throughout the world. It provides you with the opportunity to send money to over 150 countries in over 90 different currencies.

Their fees are relatively low and vary based on the locations of transfer but largely range from 1.4% and above.

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Also, their service is very convenient and swift. Monies sent can be received within a few hours to 2 days upon transfer.

Withdrawal methods are Bank transfer, Cash pickup, Mobile money, Airtime top, up Door-to-door, or WorldRemit Wallet. Note however that your withdrawal methods depend on your recipient country.


There are a thousand other payment methods that can be used in place of Paypal, to send money both locally and internationally.

However, the above listed are the ones we have tried and tested and see to be effective for anyone hoping to send and receive money internationally in Ghana.

If you have any other interesting platforms with more advantages, you can kindly share in the comment box beneath the post. We’d love to learn from you.

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