3 Reasons for the Phenomenal Growth of the Online Casino Industry

In recent decades, the online casino industry has experienced explosive growth. From its early beginnings in the late 1990s, the first online casinos began to appear, thanks to changes in the law that allowed the legal creation of such establishments.

However, some countries still consider gambling to be an illegal pastime, such as Cambodia, and almost all Islamic countries. Japan only legalized casino games in December 2016.

However, although some countries completely ban online casinos and gambling in general, the popularity of the online casino industry has grown year after year.

Although traditional casinos suffered reduced revenues during the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the online part of the industry positively flourished. This article explains three key reasons to account for the phenomenal growth of the online casino industry.

Instant Access

If you wanted to spend an evening or weekend at a casino decades ago, you would have needed to visit your nearest brick-and-mortar establishment. This may have involved a long journey and, as such, would have been a relatively infrequent pastime.

Conversely, with online casinos, there is 24/7 access if you have a reliable internet connection and a laptop, smartphone, or tablet capable of playing the various games on.

New players to online casinos can enter search terms into the internet, such as best payout online casino real money, and will almost instantly be presented with web pages that compare the best of the online casinos in terms of their pay-outs and welcome bonuses.

Gamers who are already members of a casino can gain instant access simply by logging onto the site and continuing to play their favourite games. The instant accessibility and freedom to a game at a time that suits you is one of the key reasons that online casinos have surged in popularity. 

Increasingly Sophisticated Games

In the early days of online casinos, the games offered were considerably more basic than the modern versions of today. Graphics were lower fidelity, as were the game sound effects. As technology has progressed, and people have access to more sophisticated smartphones, tablets, and laptops, so too have the quality of games on offer.

Even virtual casino environments have improved dramatically since the early days of online casinos. Today’s best online casinos are even starting to offer their customers the option of playing in 3D or virtual reality if they have the hardware required to do so.

Options to Play for Free 

Whilst many traditional brick-and-mortar casinos do not offer players games that can be played without risking real money, most online casinos will, at least for a few specific games. This makes online casinos far more appealing for new players or those who are inexperienced with certain types of games.

Casinos tend to do this to attract inexperienced players to their business in the hope that they will learn the skills and techniques necessary to eventually go on to play for real money. It is a clever tactic and has resulted in online casinos attracting a larger number of casual players and people who would not normally visit a physical casino. 

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