3 Ways Of Preventing Your Phone’s Screen From Scratching

Do you know that there are some easy ways you can save yourself the stress of buying new screens for your iPhone each time?

Well, if you didn’t know, that’s not a big deal because I am going to show you 3 effective tips to prevent your iPhone screen from getting scratched. Thus, saving you the cost of buying new screen replacements each time.

Mobile screens are very fragile and because of that they usually break easily and once they are not taken care of carefully, easily you can visit the phone repair shop very often.

3 Ways Of Preventing Your Phone’s Screen From Scratching

1. Use screen protectors

As you might already aware, screen protectors are one of the most effective ways of preventing your iPhone’s screen from getting scratched. Mostly, people do not feel the need to just spend something small to buy screen protectors for their phones.

Screen protectors are protective coverings that take the scratch that was supposed to be on the original iPhone screen, thus keeping the screen safe from scratches. Also, they come at very cheap and affordable prices.

2. Use liquid armour

Liquid armours are also similar to screen protectors. But, unlike screen protectors, screen armours are sprayed on the screen and allowed for some time before cleaning it off. The recommended time to allow the solution to dry is 24 hours.

The advantage that liquid armours have over the screen protectors are the fact that screen protectors usually leave bubbles under the screen making it not that comfortable when using it.

Liquid armours protect your iPhone’s screen from scratches and makes the screen neat after several fingerprints on it.

3. Practice personal safety measures

Finally, the best way to keep your iPhone’s screen safe from scratches is by practicing personal safety. This simply means that you should watch how you handle your phone and where you put them.

You need to keep your phone away from coins and other sharp materials that can easily scratch the screen of the phone. Also, when you handle your phone, make sure to have a firm grip on it when you are in a busy place.

For example, when you are in the market someone could easily hit you for your iPhone to fall. Thus, firm grips become very important.


All these tips given below are not 100% effective, but if you practice them, you will be on the safer side. Because, as the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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