3 Ways To Block Unwanted SMS Messages From Your Phone

Getting messages from spammers is one of the most annoying things. You will be expecting a mobile money message and then you will just get an alert.

You will then think it is the money that has dropped, you will then open to see it is a spam message and not related to anything that will benefit you.

Telcos are mostly fond of doing these, you will be receiving a message and some go like “Congratulations you have been added to the lucky draw send 419 to the shortcode 2020 to participate in the competition to win yourself a brand new car, house, motor and other home appliances, SMS cost GHS 0.40”.

Really? I can just send a message that costs GHS 0.40 and then win a house? Nice one.

Many people too after breaking up with our partners, we try to move on, we make sure we don’t come across them, we try to erase every memory we have about them.

But some exes are so much stubborn, instead of them to also move on, they will not, and again make it difficult for you to move on by always texting you.

In this article, I am going to enlighten you on ways to block unwanted SMS from your phone

Send Block To 1309

This is for MTN users, maybe you are like me who receive at least two spam SMS from MTN a day, then MTN themselves have made it easy to block all those annoying SMS and you won’t receive them again.

To do this, open your message app, hit on writing a new message, then type ‘Stop’ and then send it to 1309.

Phone Blocking Settings

Do you know you can also block spam messages using your phone? If you don’t know, then let me show you

  • On your phone open the messaging app
  • Now on the top right, tap on the three vertical lines
  • Go to Spam and Block
  • If you have already blocked someone, you will see it there if you haven’t that place will be empty, now tap on the three vertical lines on the top right again
  • Hit on blocked contacts
  • Now select ADD A NUMBER
  • You will then be asked to type the number you want to block


Truecaller is an app that is used for identifying unknown numbers. This is when a new number calls you, all that this app need is an internet connection and it will tell you the caller’s name.

Aside from identifying callers, this app too can help you block spam messages. True caller by default have a tab for spam messages, things they can decide for you, they will tell you they suggest these messages are spam and when you go there you could see all these messages are messages from these telcos.

To block unwanted messages, all you will have to do is to press and hold that message and then hit on Block.


There can be a time that you won’t be having time to entertain spam messages, that is when you get them the most, in this article, we went through ways to block unwanted messages from your phone.

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