4 Android Apps every Smartphone User should be Using

Android smartphones and tablets have attracted the customers throughout the world and Ghana is no exception. The Android OS has become the need of modern day smartphones. Android has also become the lifeline of modern day phone owners. Various apps have been developed to bring ease of operation for the users on Android device.

Most of these apps add functionality to your Android device and make it really easy for the users to access its exceptional features. But the question here is which app to install on your Android Smartphone.


Facebook for Android is the official communication app of Facebook which allows you to communicate with your friends, family, and clients right from your smartphone. Not only this! You can also update your status and photos instantly from anywhere. With this App, you can send messages to anybody on your friends’ list anytime, and you can do real-time chat too. It also syncs your Phone contacts with Facebook friends and shows Facebook data in your Contact list.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the fastest, and one of the most popular browser app for Android phones. It allows you to search anything via voice commands, sync your data on other devices, translate anything and save up to 50% of data usage while you’re browsing. You can also use Incognito mode to browse secretly and anonymously.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of best advert free android app to stream & download music right onto your Android device. You only need to search for the Music or Album terms and download or stream your desired music online. With this app, you can enjoy the high-quality mobile music playback experience. Additionally, the database of their tracks is very huge; since it contains more than 50,000 songs. You can locate your favorite track easily via this app. However, you need to remember streaming costs data.

As smartphones become more powerful, so have the numerous streaming entertainment services. There are many options for Android users if they wish to stream movies and TV. Google Play, Netflix, and other similar apps present the widest range and exciting selection.

All these apps are packed with wide range of features and will make sure that your smartphone turns out to be complete gadget box for you. So, install these must-have Android apps on your smartphone and make it a fully fledged device to use.

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