4 Apps You Can Use To Access Loans in Ghana

Whatever you wish to do now, you’ll definitely need money.

With how hard the system has become and how much people have lost trust in others, acquiring a loan could be the only reliable way of getting money for your projects.

However, banks and financial institutions have become more and more complicated as far as loan processes are concerned.

This creates market for the loan companies that operate via their mobile apps.

So, in this article, we shall take you through a list of 5 loan apps you can use to access loan facilities in Ghana.

Get Carbon (Previously Pay Later)

The first application or website on our list here is Get carbon. Previously known as Pay Later, Get carbon is a wholistic financial payment app. It is used for payments including bills, airtime, money transfers and above all; for seeking loans.

Individuals are entitled to loans from 80 cedis to 100 cedis on their first loan request. The chances of getting bigger loans depend on how soon and well you pay your previous loan.

You can download the app on playstore so you register and apply for your loans.

Fido Loans

Fido money lending is our second money lending app here. Fido loans is a licensed institution, specialised in giving short term loans.

Fido gives loans up to the sum of 200 cedis on first time applications.

Based on how soon and how well someone pays for their loans, they can qualify for loans up to the sum of 600 cedis.

You can download the Fido app from google play store and apply for your first ever Fido loan.

Loans are usually paid into the mobile money accounts of applicants.

Orbit Lending Gh

Orbit Lending is one of the fastest growing online loan companies in Ghana.

How To Apply For Loan With Orbit Lending

1. Visit the site

2. Click on forms/download tap

3. Click personal loans form

4. Click “Click here”

5. In the first column that comes up, fill the following boxes:

a. Surname

b. First name

c. Title

d. Marital status

e. Nationality

f. Date of birth

g. Your postal address

h. Your location

I. Your mobile number

j. Your email address

k. And your occupation

l. Click on next

In the second tab (Next of kin), fill the following spaces:

a. Surname of next of kin

b. First name of next of kin

c. Title of your next of kin

d. Nationality of your next of kin

e. Date of birth of your next of kin

f. The postal address of your next of kin

g. Location of your next of kin

h. The mobile phone number of your next of kin

I. The email address of your next of kin


Under this tab, fill the following information:

a. Enter the loan amount in Cedis in the loan amount column

b. Enter the amount in words in the next column

c. Enter the duration in months for your repayment

d. Enter the purpose of your loan in the loan purpose column

e. Enter the payment method (Cash or mobile money)

f.Tick the “I am not a robot” box to activate the captcha

g. Click on next

h. Click the next button again to confirm your details and send.

The request will be reviewed and when you qualify, you’ll be contacted via phone call to access your money.

Sika Master

Is an online-based financial institution which gives individuals, groups and companies loans and other credit facilities based on their credit reports and trustworthiness.

With very low interest rates and some interest-free loans, Sika master is one of the few online loan application companies you should look forward to seeking that loan from.

Loans from Sika Master range from between 1,000 cedis to 100,000 cedis.

You can visit their website to find out more about their over 15 loan types and their terms and conditions.

Conclusion: Loans are good for business and to help us out of certain unexpected situations. But, before you take a loan, you need to be sure of how soon you’ll be able to pay for it. It is therefore required that you go for loans only when you’re certain about the repayment plan and how best it fits into your budget. You are responsible for any result produced by a loan you acquired unplanned for.

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