4 Best Adblockers You Can Use On Your Android Phone

One of the most annoying things one has to endure as an android phone user is the frequent and unwarranted ads popping up on the screen from websites and other apps that you may have on your phone.

There is nothing more annoying than this and very slow internet. The worst part is that most of these ads turn out to be pornographic materials.

You can imagine the disgust and embarrassment that you’ll face when you give your phone to someone only for the person to see such ads on your phone.

In this article, we shall look at 4 best adblockers that you can use on your android phone to prevent such worthless popups.

Appbrain Ad Detector

Appbrain is a one-stop solution to everything that bothers you about the safety of your phone and your privacy as well.

Arguably, Appbrain is one of the finest AdBlock apps available on the internet today for use on android devices.

This app has a feature which checks through your system to identify apps and websites that contain such popup ads and blocks them even before they attempt to show ads.

Also, it has a virus and threat-sniffing ability which lets it scan and rate the safety of any network your phone connects with.

This, however, makes it responsible for network problems sometimes since it doesn’t connect to all networks.

You can download this app from the google play store free of charge and block ads on your phone.

Trust-Go Ad Detector

Aside from the fact that those popup ads are so annoying and sometimes make you feel like hitting your phone against a wall, some ads all gather information from you and sell to marketing companies and businesses.

So in essence, some of these ads gather your information and sell to others.

The Trust-Go Ad Detector acts as both an app for detecting ads and blocking them, as well as protecting privacy and information.

You can download it on the google play store too.

Adblocker Browser

As indicated in the name, this app is a web browser which has an anti-ads code embedment which in turn prevents ads from being displayed on your android device.

Presently, the app has been taken off the google play store. However, you can get it on the app’s official website where you can download it and share.

This app covers all browsers on your device. So once installed, it covers all other web browsers on your phone to give you maximum protection from popup ads.

Adblock Plus

Finally, the last app on this list is Adblock Plus. It Is also a very popular Adblocker fro your android device.

It is very good at blocking online ads and comes with free extensions for chrome, internet explorer, safari, opera, firefox for your Pc, and Laptop users.

One other unique thing about Adblock plus is that it contains a component which tracks and blocks websites that have been reported by others for spreading malware and infectious files.

Also, if there are some few sites you wish to deactivate the ad blocker for, there is an option for you to create your own filters.


The four apps and extensions listed above are very easy-to-use adblockers that you can use to prevent your phone from displaying ads that end up becoming annoying and intrusive. Please, be it known to you that before you download any adblocker apart from the ones listed above, make sure to read their reviews.

Most of the other adblockers rather end up causing you more harm by stealing your information and displaying more ads that you had thought.

However, if you have used any other deserving adblockers that you want us to know about, kindly share them in the comments section beneath the post.

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