4 ICT Skills You Need For Any Job In 2020

The world that we live in is changing at an exciting pace. Innovations are generating new gadgets, more convenient services, and greater opportunities.

In recent years, ICT’s impact on society has generated a hot topic.

Everything surrounding us has to do with Information and Technology. We are in the Information era.

ICT has become an integral part of our everyday life for many people. It has transformed the way young and old people communicate, network, access information, and work.

Many industries and businesses have adopted the use of ICT to boost their work rate and production for an effective and successful business.

To be precise, the introduction of ICT makes work easier and faster to be done.

In this article, we are going to look at 5 skills one need for any job in 2020.

MS Word and Google Docs

Many businesses require the skill of MS Word and Google docs. In fact, there is no wide difference between the two. Google docs is an online cloud-based service which allows users to use various types of document online and has the same function as Ms. Word with a slight difference.

Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office Suite program from Microsoft. It can be used to manipulate, format, save, print, and share a text-based document.

MS Word and Google Docs is a great tool for creating business documents.

It is used to design business and school documents from scratch. You can also get started with professionally built-in templates.

Many businesses require these skills so having a skill here will give you a plus for any job.

Email Skills

A study in 2019 indicated that the average business person sends approximately 43 business emails daily and receives 97 emails on average each day.

Email skills are something that you absolutely need if you want to be as effective as possible in your professional life. Not just having the skill, but writing a clear, concise, and polished email.

Features of a business Email includes the subject, introduction, body, call to action, and signature.

Basic Social Media Management

Apparently, there is no doubt social media rules now. Come to think of it, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have over 2 billion users on their platform.

Businesses leverage their social media platforms to successfully drive their marketing objectives to increase their brand awareness and convert visitors to buyers.

Having the skill as a social media manager will give you a plus to get any job as Social Media Management is essential to businesses.

Project Management

Project management is producing a complete project which complies with the client’s objective for perfect customer satisfaction.

To many businesses, satisfying the customer is their major priority.

Every customer is right, and any business operates solely because of customers, so when it comes to project managing, businesses don’t joke with it.

Having a skill here will give you an advantage over others to secure you a job in 2020.


ICT is taking over the world at a faster pace. Don’t be left out to be part of this change.

Secure a skill in these essential skills talked about in this article and acquire a basic skill in ICT to get a job.

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