4 Online Courses You Can Take During This Corona Lockdown

With the onset of the coronavirus and its long-lasting effects on our lives comes the phenomenon of total and partial lockdowns.

While some countries are in full lockdown with strict law enforcement throughout the nation, some other countries are also in partial lockdown.

Well, despite the effect this may have on the quality of life, this could be an opportunity to take some courses while we await the end of this worldwide counter.

This article focuses on four online courses you can take during the lockdown.

Free Affiliate Marketing Course On Udemy

This is a free Udemy course which teaches the basics of affiliate marketing and provides a beginners’ guide to becoming an expert affiliate marketer.

The course modules cover insight into the best digital marketing available, becoming affiliates of builderall system and how to promote it. It also covers how to build an online business using builderall tools as well as tools available for use on the builderall platform.

The course includes 13 lectures and 4 sections covering a total of 1hour 25 minutes.

Requirements for this course include basic computer skills and an active internet connection.

The course is primarily for those hoping to become digital marketers or email marketers and people interested in web development.

Kindle Create For Fiction Authors

With the gradual dying out of traditional publishing houses, the onus lies on writers and authors to self-publish their works. One platform that enables independent writers to make money from their books is Amazon Kindle.

However, using the platform requires some level of knowledge and skills. This free Udemy course provides a step by step insight into creating and publishing your paperback and ebooks on amazon kindle using Kindle create.

This course contains 2 hours of lecture, further divided into 6 sections and 15 lectures.

The requirements for this course include an edited manuscript ready for publishing, Microsoft word, google docs, open office word or any other word processing software that offers .doc(x) extensions.

Band As Business, Musician As Entrepreneur

This course is a free Udemy course for everyone hoping to learn about the business aspect of music and how to manage a musician.

The course covers topics such as how musicians are regarded as entrepreneurs, the legal and economic rights associated with music, how to set realistic goals and strategy implementations for your music career, how to market and promoted your music business and how to retain customer attention and interest over the long term.

This course covers a total of 6 hours 48 minutes and is further divided into 12 sections and 28 lectures.

Anyone with interest in singing, writing songs or performing is capable of taking this course. Also, anyone who is interested in managing the legal or business side of a musician’s career may take this course.

LinkedIn Basics For Freelancers

If you are someone who knows much about social media or has a taste for digital branding, you have heard of LinkedIn severally.

LinkedIn cannot be detached from the online presence of a business or a professional who hopes to achieve worldwide success.

This free Udemy course is focussed on providing freelancers with the basic steps required to build a LinkedIn presence aimed at growing their brand presence and better positioning for gigs.

This course duration is 59 minutes and comes in 14 sections plus 21 lectures.

It is required that individuals hoping to take this course should have at least a basic LinkedIn profile.


The courses listed in this article are mostly basics for deeper courses and are hence free of charge. However, there are millions of other courses available on Udemy of which majority are for sale.

You can look through the catalogue of courses by searching a topic on Udemy. If you know of any other free courses which you think we should know about, kindly list them in the comment box below.

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