4 ways To Know If An MTN Mobile Money Call Or SMS Is Fake

The technological advancement we have all been praying for didn’t come at a cheap cost, after all.

Following the tremendous growth of the mobile money industry, many scammers have been brewed and this has become a threat to the service in Ghana especially.

In this article, we shall discuss four ways to point out a fake Mobile Money call or SMS.

It has become increasingly difficult to differentiate true MTN mobile money notifications from fake ones but with this article, you’re on your way to 98.9% safety.

Let’s jump right into action now:

MTN Mobile Money Transaction Codes Contain 10-digits

Any true MTN mobile money SMS sent by MTN Ghana to your phone after a successful transaction should contain a Transaction code which is not more than 10-digits.

Most of the crooks who try to dupe others of their hard-earned currency via their mobile money accounts, just type transaction codes as they do not have the power to distribute transaction codes. In doing this, they mostly end up typing fewer or more digits than actually required.

So, to check whether an MTN Mobile Money message is authentic or not, one of the first things you should do is to check the transaction ID.

MTN Mobile Money Messages Are Usually Free From Grammatical Errors And Have Same Formats

The messages you receive from MTN Mobile Money notifications are usually automated messages and so have the same outlook like any other one you may have received in the past.

The messages are usually free from grammatical errors as they’ve been pre-written by qualified professionals who have ensured up to 99.9% clarity and accuracy.

One common feature of fake mobile money messages is their trademark clueless grammatical errors spread all over.

Most of these fake messages do not sound professional and lack the grammatical beauty that comes with the original message.

So, in order to confirm the authenticity of such messages, you may compare it with any previous message you received from MTN Mobile money. If there is a difference, well, you’ve just saved yourself some stress.

MTN Ghana Only Calls You With 0244300000

MTN Ghana, just as any of the other network service providers in Ghana has a specified line for calling customers over queries, promotions or any other issues.

As such, any calls received from any foreign number aside 0244300000, claiming to be calling from MTN Ghana office is a fake call and shouldn’t be tolerated.

MTN Ghana can never call any customer with a private number or any other network’s number.

Your MTN MOMO Balance Should Be Equal To What’s In The SMS

Anytime you receive money from anywhere via MTN mobile money, your new balance should be the sum of your previous balance and the new amount received. This figure should be the same as what you see in the SMS notification received.

That’s to say, if you had 512.00 GHS in your account and you received 300GHS from someone, the available balance in your SMS notification should be 812.00 GHS. And when you check your mobile money balance via *170#, you should also get 812.00 GHS.

If the amount in your SMS notification differs from what you see in your account balance, you have just been saved from some hungry scammers.


Do not give your password to anyone you do not trust. Do not transfer any money to anyone who calls you, indicating they have wrongly sent you some money until you can confirm that it’s true.

In today’s world of endless toil and troubles, the last thing you want to go through is a trauma associated with falling victim to a scam. Be safe and enjoy the fruit of your labour.

You can share your MTN Mobile money fraud experiences with us in the comment box.

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