4Chan Spoiler: How to Black Text on 4Chan

If you have ever been on 4Chan, you have probably noticed that some of the text on the site is blacked out. While it may seem like the site’s moderators have taken an intense dislike to you and are trying to ruin your day, there’s actually an explanation for it.

If you want to know how to get around this little annoyance and see all of the posts as they were intended, read this guide on how to turn black text into regular text on 4Chan.

4Chan Spoiler

If you’re a fan of the television show, Breaking Bad, then you may have seen the recent spoilers that were posted on 4chan.

For those who don’t know, 4chan is an online imageboard where users can post anonymously. The site is divided into various boards, each with its own topic.

How to create an account on 4Chan

Creating an account on 4Chan is easy and only requires a few steps.

  1. First, go to the 4Chan website and click on the Create an account.
  2. Second, fill out the required information including a username, password, and email address.
  3. Third, verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to you by 4Chan.
  4. Fourth, agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. Finally, start posting.

How to Black text on 4Chan

If you want to add a spoiler alert to your message on 4chan, you can do so by blacking out the text. Here’s how it works in case you’re not sure.

What happens is that when somebody tries to quote and reply to your post (in order to see what was said), all they will see is spoiler and then have to scroll down in order to see what was originally posted before reading any replies below it.

The result is that nobody but the person who posted it gets to read its contents. Pretty clever huh?

If you want to avoid spoilers on 4chan, you can black out the text. To do this,

  1. Simply type a code at the beginning of your post which will make all subsequent text blacked out.
  2. The code is SPOILER ALERT followed by a space and then whatever text you would like to be unreadable until clicked on by the viewer.
  3. Then you close the text with the same code, SPOILER ALERT again.

If you want to go back to regular mode type endofspoiler. A lot of people think that clicking on the first line of text reveals the second line and vice versa, but unfortunately this is not true. After putting four lines in spoiler mode, try clicking on each individual line to see which ones are revealed.

It should be noted that only one line appears when looking at a given spoiler tag after hitting enter twice, which means if you want two lines of content protected you need to create two separate spoiler tags – one for each paragraph.


Anonymity is one of the most appealing aspects of 4chan. No one knows who you are, which can make for some interesting and sometimes wacky conversations.

That said, there are certain etiquette rules that users should follow, one of which is not to spoil things for others. To go in a spoiler mode, make sure to insert the the spoiler alert code in the beginning and the end to blackout your text.

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