All 4G Networks in Ghana: Data Plans, Bundle and Router Prices

The 4G network has been with us for quite some time now. Although 5G has been rolled out it will take a long time to be available in Ghana as in the country where it even started, they are now expanding it.

Ghanaians are already in love with the 4G network as it gives you the super-fast internet connection, making working, streaming and downloading an easy thing to do.

In this article, I am going to take you through all the 4G networks in Ghana and after that, we will dive in their data plans and bundles.

Currently, the following networks in Ghana provide 4G services:

  1. Surfline
  2. MTN Ghana
  3. Vodafone Ghana
  4. Busy Ghana
  5. Telesol 4G

Let’s look at the pricing of their data plans.

Surfline Data Plans

Surfline is known to be the first network to be serving Ghanais 4G network. When it comes to the best 4G networks in Ghana here then Surfline name wouldn’t be left out.

But one thing about this service is that it is not available in all the regions in Ghana as they are expanding gradually.

Surfline All Weather Bundles

GHS 101.5 GB24 Hours
GHS 203 GB3 Days
GHS 354.5 GB7 Days
GHS 406 GB30 Days
GHS 10015 GB30 Days
GHS 18530 GB30 Days
GHS 25545 GB30 Days
GHS 32575 GB45 Days
GHS 410100 GB60 Days

Surfline Unlimited Plans

360 GHSUnlimited30 Days – 24/7
110 GHSUnlimited Night Bundle30 Days – 12AM To 6AM

Surfline Router Price

The Surfline router cost GHS 499 and also comes with a free sim with 15GB promotional valid for 30 days.

MTN Ghana Data Plans

Yes, everywhere you go as their name suggests, MTN is also among the 4G internet providers in Ghana, the company claim to be having a 4G+ which is seemed to be faster than the 4G network.

And the good thing about this network is that it covers many places as compared to all the 4G network providers In Ghana.

MTN Turbonet Bundle

GHS 5010GB
GHS 14545GB
GHS 295225GB

Vodafone Ghana Data Plans

Vodafone Ghana also joined the 4G bus and then started serving its customers with the super blazing 4G internet.

Vodafone 2 Moorch Data

GHS 101.5GB and 1.5GB Night Data1 Week
GHS 204GB and 4GB Night Data1 Month
GHS 5010GB and 10GB Night Data1 Month

Vodafone Knight Bundles

GHS 2.152GB
GHS 5.407.5GB

Vodafone Jumbo Packages

GHS 21540GB30 Days
GHS 322100GB30 Days
GHS 430200GB30 Days

Vodafone Monthly Packages

GHS 10820GB1 Month

Vodafone Weekly Packages

GHS 2.1580MB
GHS 5.40600MB and 600MB for Night Data
GHS 21.504GB

Busy Ghana Data Plans

busy Is also known as one of the best 4G internet service providers in the country. They also have a pocket router that can be used anywhere.

Busy Prepaid Bundles

GHS 305GB5 Days
GHS 302GB30 Days
GHS 407GB7 Days
GHS 405GB30 Days
GHS 7510GB30 Days
GHS 15525GB30 Days
GHS 24050GB30 Days
GHS 27575GB30 Days
GHS 325100GB60 Days
GHS 425200GB60 Days


In this article we went through the various 4G networks we have here in Ghana, their data plans and prices.

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