5 Apps That Can Help You To Transform Yourself Into A Cartoon

Photos are beautiful ways of capturing special memories for future reference.

For most people, photos are mostly for social media use. Either to update your status, fill your timeline or to use them as your profile picture.

One new development that has become quite persistent in recent times is the use of cartoons on social media.

People now change their photos into cartoons before uploading them on social media to either update their status, fill up their timelines or to update their profile picture.

While this is very beautiful and attracts lots of attention. It could be financially daunting for most people since they have to pay professional designers to take care of this.

Well, this should not be the case. There are some applications that give you the creative ability to change your photos into cartoons. So, you could save yourself some money by using them.

In this article, I shall introduce you to some of these apps.

Clip To Comic And Caricature Maker

With this app, even the most clueless person can design a cartoon image with their phone without much stress.

The app enables you to use your existing videos and photos or take new photos and videos in-app.

You can create cartoon images or videos of your already existing photos and videos by using a mixture of tools available in the app.

For caricature, you can make use of the deformation tool which changes the photo into a caricature by deforming some parts.

This application works on both android devices and IOS devices.

For those looking to have a physical version of the designs they create using the app, there is an option to get a postcard of your design sent over to you at home. This goes for as little as 1.99 USD.

The applications is absolutely free of charge!


Second, on our list here is Painnt. Painnt is an application for designing and editing photos in general.

It has a tool for cartooning images and giving them that sweet avatar finishing.

Painnt also has tools which enable users to add makeup, hairstyles, facial build-up, muscles building and change eye colours as well.

The app gives you the chance to apply as much creativity as you will to your photos. There’s also an in-app sharing tool which enables you to share your designs with friends and family right from the app itself.

Paint is available on both IOS and android.

Toon Camera

Just as the name suggests, Toon Camera is the phone camera designed especially for designing and creating cartoon images.

Toons camera allows users to use already existing photos on their camera roll or take new photos with the in-app camera and then customize them to become professionally designed cartoons.

Toon camera comes with lots of tools and filters which make the design process easy for just about anybody.

It comes at a cost of 1.99 USD and can only work on iPhones operating on IOS 8.1 and above.


From this part of the world, genuinely, when you hear Macho, only one thing comes to mind – strength or bodybuilding.

Well, that is not entirely far from the truth as far as this app is concerned.

Macho gives you the ability to recreate yourself by touching your whole body and making changes to your looks, muscles and more, using their easy and fully customizable tools and features.

This app comes at no extra cost and provides users with hundreds of stickers and filters to use.

You can download it on both IOS and Android.

Face Q

Face Q is one of those mobile apps which value user interaction and experience.

With this application, anybody can design a cartoon image from their phone by turning their faces or those of other people captured on their phone into cartoon images.

With Face Q’s self-explanatory user guide, anyone at all can easily get acclimatized with the use of the app and go from novice to pro in a few moments.

It is available for free download on both IOS and Android.


Normal photography is gradually becoming old and boring. People hardly fancy these normal photos especially those with face smoothening filters and some other overly used filters.

Today, most people prefer cartoons which are not just beautiful but are also near perfect at hiding flaws that would otherwise have shown in a normal photo.

But, how many people are willing to pay between 50 cedis and 500 cedis to a professional cartoonist anytime they want to update their social media profiles or status?

That is why we compiled this list of 5 applications you can use on your mobile phone to change your photos into cartoons.

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