5 Best Android Keyloggers I Have Used [Updated 2020]

Keylogger is an effective spying feature that is available in many spy apps. If you want to know what someone types in their phone, Keylogger is the app to use. It stores every keystroke used on a device and makes it available to you seamlessly. 

If you’re worried that your spouse is cheating on your, the Keylogger will help you know for sure. If you also want to keep tabs on your child, using Keylogger helps you to see their phone activities.

No doubt, many Android Keyloggers are in the market. Unfortunately, not many of them are as accurate as they should. To help you make a good choice, here are the 5 best Android Keyloggers I’ve used.


FoneMonitor is a leading spy app with one of the best Android Keylogger features. Now, the spy app is not only compatible with Android. It can also be used to spy an iOS device. FoneMonitor has enjoyed a lot of recognition from the tech communities.

It is also regarded as the favorite of parents across the world. You don’t have to root the Android device to use the Keylogger feature or any other feature for that matter. This is because the app uses cutting-edge technology to support its features.

The app is easy to use and doesn’t require exceptional tech knowledge. If you can use an internet-enabled device, you can use the FoneMonitor app. FoneMonitor Android Keylogger helps you to track the phone activities of your target.

Whatever they type on their phone, the FoneMonitor Keylogger logs it accordingly. It arranges it in such a way that you can easily access each logged data. The app works in stealth mode, which means your target won’t know you’re tracking their device.

With FoneMonitor, you get more than the Keylogger. The app offers a variety of spy features that give you absolute access to the target device. This means you can see every activity being carried out on the phone. No doubt, FoneMonitor is the best Android Keylogger.

Main Tracking Features of FoneMonitor

Undoubtedly, FoneMonitor is the best Android Keylogger and its features are a clear indication of these. Some unique features available with the FoneMonitor tracking app include:

  • Accurate keylogging
  • Text Message Tracking
  • Call Logs Monitoring
  • Web Browser History Monitoring
  • Social Media Apps Tracking (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Kik, Viber, LINE, WhatsApp, and more)
  • GPS Location Tracking and more.

How to use FoneMonitor Android Keylogger

Using FoneMonitor Android Keylogger starts with creating an account on the official website of the app. Follow the simple steps highlighted below to start using the feature:

Step One: Visit the official FoneMonitor website to sign up for a free account. You will need to provide some basic details.

Step Two: Choose the device type you want to track and your preferred subscription package. 

Step Three: Follow the onscreen installation wizard. Note that you have to download and install the FoneMonitor app on the target device. No spy app can work with an Android without app installation.

Step Four: After completing the installation process, log in to your FoneMonitor dashboard. Locate the Keylogger feature and start tracking your target device’s activities.


The second on our list is the Spyier Android Keylogger. Spyier is a highly reputable spy app with millions of users across the world. The app has built a strong brand for itself and many tech authorities have written glowing reviews about it.

Spyier offers an effective Keylogging feature. It accurately logs each keystroke used on your target device. It stores the keystrokes in a well-organized manner to make it for you to access the data. It’s also a feature-loaded and high performing spy app of all-times. 

When installed on a device, it works in stealth mode and doesn’t affect the functionality of the device. It doesn’t take memory space as it is a mere 2MB app. It also doesn’t require that you root the target Android device to access all its features.

Suffice to mention that the Spyier app is also compatible with iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad. Its features include social apps monitoring, call logs and text messages tracking, and location tracking.


Minspy Android Keylogger is another exceptional tracking tool that makes your spying activities worthwhile. It has been dubbed a secret agent that gives you a comprehensive report on a phone’s activities. The Keylogger feature of the app is highly accurate.

Whatever data is transmitted to your Minspy dashboard, you can trust its accuracy and precision. To use the Minspy Android Keylogger, you need to install the Minspy app. Note that you cannot track any Android device without installing an app.

When you install the app, it begins to work in the background without your target detecting it. It works secretly and transmits the information from the phone to your dashboard. It works in a way that makes it impossible for your target to detect it.

Another important fact about Minspy is that you don’t need to root your target Android device. The app is also web-based and you can access it through any web browser on any device.


The Spyine app also offers an exceptional Keylogger feature that is comparable to only a few. The app has received numerous positive reviews from users across the world. It has also been featured in some tech platforms. 

Spyine Android Keylogger works perfectly without requiring that you root the target device. All you have to do is install an app on the device. You don’t have to worry though. The app is virus-free and won’t introduce any malware on your target Android phone.

More than the Keylogging feature, Spyine also offers access to a range of features. It lets you see the complete phone activities of your target device. You can see the social media activities, GPS location, web browser history, text messages, call logs, and calendar events. 

Spyine is compatible with Android OS 4 and higher. It is also compatible with iOS devices. You can find more details about this app on the official website of Spyine.


Spyic Android Keylogger is another great choice of app. It’s another secret agent that works quietly in the background of your target phone. It lets you see each keystroke used on the device. When your target types text messages, the Keylogger stores the texts.

When they post on their social media, it also logs the words. All usernames and passwords used on the phone are also stored by the Keylogger. This means you can access any account on your target device remotely.

To use the Spyic Android Keylogger, you need to download and install a 2MB app. You don’t need to root the device to access all the features. When you’ve installed the app, you can begin to see the data stored by the Keylogger as well as other data from other features.


These are the 5 best Android Keyloggers that I have used over time. Of course, I’ve used some others but none came close to these five. If I’m asked to pick my favorite out of these five, my choice would be FoneMonitor. Its ease of use and robust features make it the perfect choice for a parent.

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