5 Best Sites to Buy 5000 Instagram Followers For Cheap

Instagram is among the top social media platforms, and it can bring several career and business opportunities for people from all fields of life. However, for an influential presence on Instagram, you need to have a huge number of followers that show your potential. Although it is possible to grow your follower count organically, it takes a very long time.

Since that is not efficient in today’s fast-paced world, the better and more efficient option for more people is to purchase Instagram followers.

5 Best Sites to Buy 5000 Instagram Followers for Cheap

If you are also looking to increase your follower count on Instagram, here are our top 5 picks that offer the cheapest prices for 5000 followers.


Our top pick for an instant increase in your Instagram followers is PlentySocial.com. It is not only the best choice to buy 5000 followers but also offers you multiple plans with higher or lower follower counts. If you want to increase the likes, views, and overall interaction to your Instagram profile then PlentySocial has all the solutions for you.

It not only provides instant delivery of the products you choose but enhances your experience with 24/7 available live chat support. The best part is that you get active followers and if the follower count decreases, PlentySocial will top it up for you for free. It is because all followers you buy from PlentySocial are 100% active and genuine.


Next up on our list is UseViral which also promises instant delivery without any problems. UseViral focuses on maintaining authenticity so that the algorithm thinks that you are gaining followers organically. It works by selling you followers that are legit Instagram accounts with active profiles on the platform.

UseViral not only helps you improve your follower count but also improves the overall engagement on your profile to attract more organic followers.


MisterMedia is another one of those sites that not only offers legit and active followers but also provides a refill guarantee. It offers additional peace of mind by offering a money-back guarantee so if anything goes wrong, you don’t bear the cost of it.

What makes it unique is that you can purchase normal and NFT followers from this platform. Moreover, it brings targeted followers so you can make the audience think that you are getting more followers from their geographic location.


SidesMedia is another popular name for purchasing followers on various social media platforms including Instagram. It allows you to select followers from a targeted location to make your growth on Instagram look organic.

Instead of an instant increase in your follower count, SidesMedia adds followers to your account gradually. Hence, it looks like gradual growth to both the audience and Instagram algorithms. It is a secure, cheap, and most importantly private option, so you have nothing to worry about.


The last one on our list is TweSocial which brings guaranteed delivery of active Instagram followers at competitive prices. You get a 30-day refill and money-back guarantee here so you can enjoy peace of mind while your follower count on Instagram increases.

Twesocial is also known for its targeted follower services. It brings top-notch reliability and privacy to its customers. It does not require your Instagram credentials which makes it more secure and reliable.


Everyone wants to grow their Instagram presence but not many people have the time for that. So, if you want a head start that fuels your Instagram profile follower growth, purchasing a few initial followers will be the best choice. Hopefully, the top 5 websites we shared here will help you purchase 5000 followers for your Instagram profile at affordable prices.

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