5 Best Sites To Watch Soccer Online

Soccer is a game that unites the world through the thrills, suspense and joy of eventful matches.

Irrespective of your race, gender or age, we all have one team or the other which we support so keenly. These teams become a source of our joy when they perform creditably to win matches. On the other hand, when they lose matches, we are at the losing end – with pain.

However, whatever happens to your team, as an avid supporter, you always want to follow their matches to know what goes on every single minute.

For most people, this means going to soccer viewing centres where they pay some amount of money to sit in a rather choked room just to share the experience with others.

While this is not completely bad, it can sometimes pose a problem especially when some viewers become aggressive during such games. So, as a peace-loving person, you might want to watch such games in a comfortable situation.

The question then comes as; how do you watch soccer games at home?

The simplest answer is that you can watch them online through some streaming platforms. The next big question is; which platforms?

In this article, we shall introduce you to 5 of the world’s best soccer streaming platforms where you can watch live soccer games on your phone or computer.


Hesgoal.com is one of the best streaming platforms available on the internet today. It has a simple and beautiful interface with a built-in chat application where members can chat and discuss on-going matches live.

You can stream all matches from European leagues to Uefa Champions League, Europa League and all international competitions including international friendlies on hesgoal.com.

Hesgoal.com however does not produce the contents shown on its platform. It is more of an aggregator which pulls together all ongoing soccer action to its platform for the benefit of those who cannot access it on their Televisions.

Millions of people watch their favourite teams play on Hesgoal.com. And interestingly, it is completely free of charge! Once you have enough data bundle and a strong network connection, you can always access your favourite soccer matches on Hesgoal.com.

Also, there is no registration required for streaming a live event on this platform. You just have to visit the site and start streaming!


DSTV is undoubtedly one of the most-respected premium TV content producers. With close to a hundred channels and worldwide coverage, DSTV provides coverage for some of the world’s leading sporting activities such as soccer, rugby, boxing, handball, basketball among many others.

Interestingly, DSTV is not only meant to be enjoyed on your TV. You can watch live DSTV programs such as live sports event on your smartphone or on their website now.dstv.com.

However, this platform is not free. You’ll need to be subscribed to any DSTV package in order to access the portal. The hack is that up to 4 people can use the account at a time. So, if a friend has DSTV subscription yet they don’t use the mobile app or web app, you can use their details to create an account and start enjoying your favourite sporting activities live.

Stream 2 Watch

More like Hesgoal.com, Stream2watch.com is also an online streaming site where you can watch thousands of live games. Ranging from soccer to handball, golf and many other sporting events.

There are over 15,000 live and pre-recorded sporting events to watch on this platform. The soccer games streamed on this platform include European leagues, American Leagues and Asian super leagues.

For each live streaming event, there is an integrated chat app where viewers share their views and discuss the components of the game as they happen.

This site also has a great but simple user interface which makes it easy to use. Also, its streaming quality is pretty good. However, on the downside, it has lots of ads which can be frustrating most times. But, you can use an adblocker to get rid of the ads.

The site is completely free of charge though.


As the name suggests, Feed2all is a platform which provides free soccer streaming feed to everyone in all parts of the world. All you need is a smartphone or a laptop and strong internet connectivity.

This platform provides a live feed from all soccer leagues and competitions across the globe. It also displays a clock which can be adjusted to suit the viewer’s local time. In order to guide them in knowing when a future match will start.

The site has a simple and aesthetic design with a good streaming speed and quality. It doesn’t lag so much if you have a strong internet connection.

Sky Sport

One of the world’s leading sports channels on TV, Sky Sport has an online platform where you can watch all live programs and some pre-recorded sports events on your phone or computer.

It’s one of the most-used streaming platforms amongst Europeans and Americans. You can also watch other sporting events such as Cricket, Formula one, Rugby union, Golf, boxing and many others.

Skysports has a user-friendly and interactive interface which makes it a wonderful platform to watch your soccer games on. It also gives a great customer and technical support.

Though it is free, you need to use a VPN to access it, if you’re outside Europe or America.

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Soccer is the world’s most patronized sporting activity. With thousands of teams across the world and millions of players, the game keeps growing day after day. For the diehard fans, it is their joy to watch their favourite teams play every single day. If not for the fulfilment it brings them emotionally, then it is for what it brings to them through sports betting.

However, watching live soccer matches may pose a challenge to those who can’t afford premium TV contents.

So, in this article, we discussed some top 5 websites for streaming your favourite soccer games live on your phone or computer.

If you have any additions, comments or questions regarding this article, kindly let us know in the comment section below.

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