5 Great Apps To Use For Graphic Designs On Your Smartphone

Many people have wondered how they could get some graphic works done by themselves on their smartphones without paying someone else.

Well, it’s not very difficult to do this. If you’re a writer, a marketer, a blogger or content creator, you probably know how important graphics are to your craft and you definitely need it every other day.


There are many apps that can help you design your flyers, quotes, social media posts and more on your phone without so much of a hustle. But here, in this article, we shall look at just some 5 of those apps.



So the first on our list here is Canva.

Canva is a very good app which enables you to choose from over 1,000 free templates and designs for the free feature. And millions more for the premium feature. However, the app only operates online. Which means you need internet connectivity to be able to use this app. And also, after the free trial expires, you barely get to enjoy the app as you have to adopt other tricks to be able to save new designs offline on your phone. You can get this app on the google play store or Apple AppStore.




Just like Canva, snappa is also an easy to use app which works fine for all types of people. Both pros and newbies in the design space can use this app with its drag and drop features which enables you to choose from a wide group of tools and designs to suit your taste.

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However, Snappa’s free plan is somewhat limited. You’ll get five free downloads or shares per month, which should give you a feel for whether you’d like to pay the $10 a month for unlimited downloads.



Just as the name suggests, desygner is also a web-based application for designing graphics. It’s similar to Canva and Snappa.

But in terms of looks and design choices, Desygner is similar to Canva. The only difference however is that Canva has more tools and customisation than Desygner does.

On the other hand, this provides Desygner with a simpler outlook than Canva.

For those who prefer simplicity, Desygner is your answer. And for those geeks who want to customise it all, you may consider Canva or any other app mentioned here.

Desygner is free but offers a $6.95 monthly plan for access to more templates and features.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

We all know how powerful Adobe Inc. is in the design and info graphs space. So, aside from their professional graphics tools such as photoshop and the rest, Adobe has something for non-professionals who want to do their own graphics design without so much hustle.

Basic features are free, while the full lineup is available for $9.99 per month.

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Visme is an infographic maker that’s basically the Canva of the infographic scene.

Like Canva, it is as easy as dragging and dropping as well as clicking to get a design finished in Visme.

It is the finest free software on mobile devices for anyone looking to create eye-catching information graphics for presentation, for their blogs or any other projects.


It’s not that difficult to do graphic works on your phone anymore. You can just do most of the work by yourself and save a few more bucks for the future vacation.

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