5 Great Ways to Edit and Annotate PDFs

A PDF annotator is a crucial tool for you if your work involves the use of PDF daily. Searching the same on Google will leave you with hundreds of search results but not all of the tools need to work perfectly for you. Therefore here we are with 5 great ways to edit and annotate PDFs.

But why do you need a PDF Annotator? The answer is to add notes, corrections, comments, and other things to the document. These annotations are mostly done to increase the understanding of the viewer.

PDF format is difficult to edit. Especially when the content is woven in a way that it couldn’t be altered (maybe because it’s for official purpose). So, how does one clarify the text to the other? Well, this is where PDF annotations come to the play.


CocoDoc is one of the most used PDF editors and annotators at present times. Its easy user interface and a wide array of tools have allowed users from every field to annotate their PDF seamlessly. Not only is it easy to navigate but you can access it on any web browser online, without installing an application on your device.

So what all can a user do with CocoDoc? Well, a user can change a file’s format, edit the text, add pictures, compress and merge files, add comments, highlight text and practically perform any task they want to. The handy tool is reliable for your personal and professional work as it needs a password from the user to access the files created by them.

Where to get CocoDoc?

You can start annotating and editing your PDF on the online CocoDoc website. There is no specific web browser required to use the online version. Since CocoDoc is available on both mobile and desktop, it gains a few brownie points for accessibility.

If you are suspicious about the online annotation of your file and want to do it offline, then you can simply download the CocoDoc software. To access more advanced features you can also purchase its paid membership which comes at a reasonable price.

Want to learn more about editing PDF on CocoDoc? Visit its official website today.


Researched enough already? Then PDFescape might not be an unfamiliar name to you! If your work requires more annotation rather than the creation of files, I would suggest you give this program a try. Since it is designed for modern users, you can trust its workability.

PDFescape comes in both basic and paid versions. The former gives a user access to all fundamental tools for annotations whereas, the latter provides the advanced ones. You must pick a plan based on your work and needs.

PDFelement Pro

The PDF editor works as a great annotator too. For those who have been using Microsoft office for a long, this program would be quite convenient, as both have a few similarities. The software is available for both Windows and Mac and comes in 9 languages.

You can not only edit the PDF in any desired way but also perform advanced functions like putting sticky notes, freehand drawing, highlighting, etc. What’s best is- the interface is clear and clean. Once you start using PDFelement, you will automatically learn how to perform distinct operations and won’t need a guide. Use the free trial first and once you get comfortable, you can proceed to the paid version of the tool.

Small PDF

Small PDF is a well-established website for the annotation and editing of PDF. It is a cloud-based editor and prioritizes the user’s security. If you want to register signatures, this program is probably the best out there.

The highlight of this software is its pricing option. Once you decide on purchasing it, you’ll find that it’s a great deal in comparison to its competitors. Why wait then? Check out the Small PDF official website today.


Sejda is one of the most credible websites for editing and annotating PDF. All the content that you upload on this program automatically vanishes after five hours. If security is your first preference while choosing a PDF annotator, Sejda is a safe bet for you.

Talking about the tools offered by the site, it’s a must mention that Sejda offers some advanced features to meet all your expectations. From adding examples, notes, and highlighting text, to editing the PDF in almost every way, Sejda is everything that you can ask for!


I hope you have gathered sufficient information about PDF annotators with the help of this article. Whether you want to use annotations to guide a junior employee, comment on a certain section of the text, or add examples, annotations will help you out. Now that you know the 5 great ways to edit and annotate PDFs, what are you waiting for?

Use our recommended tools today and let us know about your experience. In case we have missed out on your favorite PDF annotator, feel free to leave a comment and help us in including them in our list.

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