5 Interesting Things You Can Do In Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular email services we have in the whole world with over 900 million accounts. 

What made Gmail popular was when it was launched, it offered 1GB free storage and at that time one of the popular email services. Hotmail was offering its users 2MB of storage.

Since then Google has maintained its lead and people have also fallen in love with the email service because its fast, secure and also easy to use at the same time. 

We all have been using Gmail but do you know there are a lot more interesting things you can do on Gmail?

Well if you in this article I am going to take you through 6 interesting things you can do on Gmail so that you can try your hands on and enjoy the full benefits on using the mail service.

Schedule Emails

Having many emails to send of specific dates? 

Maybe you might be working and on some days you need to send the final work or you are a student and you need to submit your assignment on a certain day.

Maybe you are done with the assignment and the day that you have been asked to submit will be a busy day for you, well I am glad to tell you that Gmail got you covered.

With Gmail, you can schedule email by using Boomerang’s chrome extension. All you have to do is to install the extension on your chrome browser, and then after setting it up using the extension to set up the date and time you want your emails to be delivered.

Have Unlimited Alia Email Address

With Gmail, your email can be tweaked and you will still receive the mail that will be sent to that tweaked email. 

This is because Gmail does not recognize capitalization or symbols in email addresses. So if your email is [email protected], anybody can send you’re a mail by sending through these emails and you can still receive it:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

M. [email protected]

Chat Directly In Your Gmail Account

Gmail has a feature called Label chat that let you have a chat within the Gmail with your contact addresses. No accounts needed you just need to log in into your Gmail and your chats are also securely stored in your Gmail account.

Send A Disappearing Mail

Yes just like Snapchat disappearing message feature, you can also send disappearing messages by putting an expiration date on the mail you are about to send and it will expire within the time specified and it will disappear. You can also password-protect the mail and before the receiver can read the message, he or she will have to type in a password.

Translate Emails Received To Other Language

Well, there are a lot of languages that are spoken on this planet, you might be doing business with someone who doesn’t speak your native language, or someone can send you a message in a different language that you don’t understand. 

On Gmail you can translate the mail received, to do this all you have to do is open the mail and on the top right, click on the three dots and select “View Translated Message”.

Canned Responses

As a worker you might be receiving a lot of mails and mostly requires a short reply like “Okay I will work on it”, “Done”, “Got It” and a lot more short replies. 

Using canned messages in Gmail will save you a lot of stress in having to always type in these replies. With canned responses, you can save a lot of email templates and use it in replying to your mails and not always having to type them.

Do use this feature you must first enable it in your Gmail settings and then create “canned responses”.


Gmail has a lot of features for its users that will make using their service a lot more enjoyable, in this article we went through some interesting things you can do in Gmail.

Which one is your favourite and which are are you trying your hand on?

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