5 Internet Service Providers You Need To Know About In Ghana

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Today, Ghana has one of the best internet penetration rates in the whole of Africa with around 34%.

As such, the use of internet is one thing that has become indispensable among Ghanaians especially younger generations below 40 years of age.

One of the major concerns of internet users is the availability and pricing of Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

ISPs are companies responsible for granting internet access to individuals and organisations via broadband or mobile data.

In Ghana, there are quite a number of internet service providers presently. In this article, we shall look at 5 of those ISPs whom you should know about.

1. Busy Internet

Busy Internet Ghana is an ISP based in Ghana, which has been operating for the past 15 years.

Busy internet believes in making browsing for individuals and companies less expensive and faster with their 4G services.

In fact, Busy Internet is one of the early adopters of 4G network connectivity in Ghana.


Their data packages range from 8Cedis for 1Gb up to 570 Cedis for 300GB.

Check out the table below to find out more about their data packages, prices and duration.


Value 1GB24 Hours81GB
Value 3GB3 Days203 GB
Value 5GB5 Days305 GB
Value 7GB7 Days407GB
2GB Prepaid30 Days302GB
5GB Prepaid30 Days405GB
10GB Prepaid30 Days7510GB
25GB Prepaid30 Days15525GB
50GB Prepaid30 Days24050GB
75GB Prepaid30 Days27575 GB
100GB Prepaid30 Days325100GB
200GB Prepaid30 Days425200GB
2GB Postpaid30 Days252GB
5GB Postpaid30 Days355 GB
10GB Postpaid30 Days6510GB
25GB Postpaid30 Days13025 GB
50GB Postpaid30 Days22050GB
75GB Postpaid30 Days26075GB
100GB Postpaid60 Days310100GB
200GB Postpaid60 Days410200GB
300GB Postpaid60 Days570300GB
Day Unlimited24 Hours13Unlimited
Weekend Unlimited2 Days21Unlimited
Super Unlimited7 Days85Unlimited
Supreme Unlimited15 Days170Unlimited
Extreme Unlimited30 Days320Unlimited



You can locate Busy Internet Ghana ay Number 12, Airport City, UNA Home, Accra. You can also call them via 0302909856 or 0302909654.

You can as well reach them on WhatsApp via: 0243500584.

2. Teledata ICT Limited

Teledata is one of the best Internet and Telephone service companies in Ghana with over 2,000 businesses as customers and 45,000 plus individual users.

Teledata was founded 16 years ago in 2004 to solve all data-related issues. When it comes to unlimited data packages and stable browsing experience, Teledata stands out among the lots.

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Teledata has three major packages which are: Residential, Business and personal packages.

Check out the tables below to find out the prices of Teledata’s data packages.


NAMESPEEDVOLUMEPRICE (1 Month)Price (3 Months) Bulk PaymentPrice (One Year) Bulk Payment
Internet Plus10 Mb/sUnlimited219 Cedis208 Cedis Per Month175 Cedis Per Month
Internet Essential12 MB/sUnlimited307 Cedis292 Cedis Per month246 Cedis Per month
Internet Preferred15MB/sUnlimited395 Cedis376 Cedis per month316 Cedis per month
Internet Priority20 MB/sUnlimited440 Cedis 418 Cedis per month352 Cedis Per Month
Internet Premium30 MB/sUnlimited771 Cedis 732 Cedis Per Month617 Cedis Per Month




You can locate Teledata ICT at Number 10 Mensa Saba road, Kokomlemle Accra. You can call them via 0302211311 or 0242439494.

You can get in touch with them via email: [email protected]

3. MTN Ghana

Arguably, MTN Ghana is the biggest telecom

Service provider here in Ghana with millions of customers throughout the country.

MTN Ghana is also one of the finest internet service providers in Ghana with some beautiful packages for all forms of income earners and users.

To check out the prices, volume and duration of MTN Ghana’s data packages, kindly click on the link below:

Revised MTN Ghana Data Packages

You can contact MTN Ghana via 0244300000.

You can also locate their office at Plot OER 6, Independence Avenue, West Ridge, Accra.

You can send an email via customer [email protected]

4. Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana has been most noted for its wonderful internet speed for many years running. They also have some of the best internet packages for broadband and WiFi service users.

When it comes to pricing, no other network service company beats Vodafone Ghana.

Check out the table below for their data packages, prices and volume.

Browser Max Daily550 MB3.25 Cedis1 Day
Chat Daily130 MB2.15 Cedis1 Day
Starter Daily25 MB0.54 Cedis1 Day
Browser Lite Daily1 GB5.40 Cedis2 Days
Downloader Hour2GB2.15 Cedis1 Hour
Streamer Hour500 MB1.08 Cedis1 Hour
Browser Max Weekly4GB21.50 Cedis7 Days
Downloader Lite Weekly450 MB5.40 Cedis7 Days
Browser Weekly80 MB2.15 CedisNo expiry
Browser Monthly20GB108 Cedis30 Days
Jumbo Optimus200 GB430 Cedis30 Days
Jumbo Max100GB322 Cedis30 Days
Jumbo Streamer40GB215 Cedis30 Days
Night King 12GB2.15 Cedis12AM – 4 AM
Night King 27.5 GB5.40 Cedis12AM – 4 AM
Special Offer 1550 MB1.60 Cedis1 Day
Special Offer 2600 MB2.15 Cedis1 Day
Special Offer 31.5 GB3.25 Cedis1 Day
Streamer Max Weekly1GB Day

1.5GB Night

10 Cedis15 Days
Chat Monthly4GB Day

4GB Night

20 Cedis30 Days
Downloader Monthly10 GB Day

10GB Night

50 Cedis30 Days
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You can call Vodafone Ghana via 0505555111 or WhatsApp them via 0501000300.

You can also send them a mail via [email protected]

5. Airteltigo Ghana

Last on our list but definitely not the least is Airteltigo. Right from the days, they were two separate entities, Airtel and Tigo have always provided internet users with some of the best packages they could ever imagine or dream of.

Coming together now, AirtelTigo has the best data packages yet for broadband users across the nation.

Check out the table below for their data packages and prices.

NAMEVOLUME (From Airtime Account)VOLUME (From Airteltigo Money Account)PRICEDURATION
Big Data 125 MB25MB0.50 CedisUnlimited
Big Data 265 MB80MB1 CediUnlimited
Big Data 3150 MB200MB2 CedisUnlimited
Big Data 4550 MB650 MB5 CedisUnlimited
Big Data 51.5 GB2GB10 CedisUnlimited
Big Data 64GB5GB20 CedisUnlimited
Big Data 7 10GB11GB50 CedisUnlimited
Sika Kooko 11.1 GB1.1GB5 Cedis5 Days
Sika Kooko 23GB3GB10 Cedis5 Days
Night Bundle 14.5 GB4.5GB3 Cedis12 AM – 4 AM
Night Bundle 27.5 GB7.5GB5 Cedis12 AM – 4 AM
Family Pack 140 GB40GB99 Cedis30 Days
Family Pack 2100 GB100GB200 Cedise30 Days
Family Pack 3400GB400GB350 Cedis30 Days


Airteltigo Ghana can be located on the Ghana Barnes Road, PMB TUC – Accra.

You can call them via 0260000100

Their email address is [email protected]

Conclusion: The above-listed internet service providers have been well-researched and they are certainly some of the best we have in Ghana presently. Kindly look through their data packages and select the ones that work for you. You can also contact them via the information provided to find out more about things you do not understand. If you know of any other internet providers that should have been part of this list, kindly indicate in the comment box below.

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