5 Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Phone’s Battery And Kill It Fast

More than half of the world’s population uses mobile phones today.

Over the years, mobile phones have evolved. From the days of the Big and heavy Nokia phones to LG, Motorolla and the likes then to Java and Symbian phones as well as Blackberry, then we gradually moved to the Java Touchscreen phones.

Eventually, Android and IOS phones came with the generation of smartphones which we all enjoy today.

As good as smartphones are and as interesting as their uses are if there is one big problem which all smartphone users face, it is the battery life of such a phone.

For most people especially those who have used the previous generations of mobile phone, they expect their batteries to last for a few days or a week before they charge again.

However, this is not the case with most smartphones. After few hours of charging, you still have to put them back on charge. some people even charge their phones three to four times daily.

Now, what is often unknown to most of these people is that some habits and some phone usage methods affect the longevity of the phone battery.

In this article, I shall introduce you to 6 mistakes that can cause your battery life to decline significantly.

Keeping Many Background Activities On

Every process or software running on your smartphone uses part of the battery and part of the memory and if it’s an online process, it also uses part of your data.

So, the more the number of apps you keep running in the background, the more battery you get to waste away.

For most people, when using an app, they just minimize it to navigate to another app. This may be an easier way of handling apps on your phone but it definitely has a huge toll on your battery at the end of the day.

Whenever you realize you are not using a certain application and you do not necessarily need it to keep running, just close it altogether.

That way, you are saving yourself some memory space, some battery and some data as well.

Your phone could eventually get heated up if there is too much information to process by the RAM – meaning there is pressure on the RAM.

So yes, keeping too many background applications open can run down your battery so fast.

Using Very Bright Screen lights

Aside from the obvious risk of developing eye problems, using very bright scree lights on your smartphone can drastically reduce the battery life of your device.

When you check the battery usage of almost every smartphone in the world, you’d realize that the display uses up a huge chunk of the battery.

Clearly, the brighter your screen light, the more energy that phone needs to use in displaying that level of brightness. And, the main source of energy for your mobile device is the battery so all that energy would have to come from the battery.

You don’t need to use up all the brightness on your phone in order for you to see.
Try as much as possible to regulate the volume of brightness which you use on your smartphone if you are serious about saving your battery life.

Using Mobile Data All The Time

Today’s mobile phone is more useful and entertaining because of the internet.

Most people use smartphones because of what they can do with it using the internet. Some people don’t even make a single voice call on their phones before a whole week ends.

Now, for such people, the duration of their phone battery depends on their internet usage.

Using direct Mobile Data on your phone requires the phone to strive extra hard to get the best connection available for us. This usually puts pressure on the phone especially in areas where the network is not very strong.

This, in turn, becomes a big problem for the battery to handle, causing it to drain quickly.

On the other hand, when connected to a Wi-fi, your mobile phone is free from the stress of searching for network connectivity and increasing the strength of the network since there is a third party – the router which is in charge of that.

In most situations, you’d observe that when you connect your smartphone to a stable Wi-fi network, the phone lasts longer than when you connect it to direct mobile data.

Connecting To Unstable Wifi Networks

Wifi is a double-edged sword. Depending on which side you are connected to, you may either enjoy yourself or suffer the pain. In this case, your phone’s battery would suffer the pain.

When you connect your phone to a Wifi network which is largely unstable, the phone forces to get the best network available. The phone is designed to work with the best network available.

Therefore, when there is no other network available which is better than the unstable network you are connected to, the phone keeps searching and searching for a better network connection. This, in turn, puts pressure on the system and causes the battery to give out more energy which eventually drains it down.

So, yes, connecting to a good wifi network can save your battery but once you connect to a terrible network, you are in trouble of draining your battery so badly.

Using Outdated Software

Most people are found of avoiding software updates. According to such people, it is a waste of time and data.

Well, it is true that updates require lots of data and time most times but the importance of such updates can only be understated.

When a software developer releases a software, it is the responsibility of that person to periodically release updates that tally with the ever-changing trend in the technology world.

For most system updates, there is a component of the new software which causes the battery life of the device to increase slightly.

Now, if you are someone who is fond of ignoring updates, it means you are denying your phone those improvements in battery life.

So if each update causes a 2% increase in battery life and you keep skipping about 5 updates, it means you have decreased your battery life by about 10% when you could actually increase it by the same percentage with the upgrades.

So, as annoying as updates are, they are important to the general good of the phone and its battery life as well.


There is nothing more annoying than getting that battery low sound every three or four hours of using your phone. It is usually very frustrating especially if you have so much to do with the phone at the time.

Frankly, I don’t think anyone would enjoy having to charge their smartphone about 3 or 4 times in a single day!

But yes, that is the situation most of us face in our various lives and we keep asking ourselves why we are always caught in that situation.

Well, I believe this article has opened your eyes to some of the mistakes you commit which lead to the poor battery life you experience.

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