5 Online Shops For Purchasing Clothing In Ghana

The digital era in Africa and indeed Ghana is gradually taking a grand position in the lifestyle and general livelihood of Ghanaians.

Among other things, mobile money platforms, streaming platforms, and online retail shops have been launched over the past few years.

One thing however that remains a problem to many in Ghana is how to purchase clothing online, especially via platforms that are dedicated to the sales of clothing.

The purpose of this article is to bring out a list of five online shops where you can purchase clothing in Ghana.

Jumia Ghana

Obviously, this name shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone in Ghana as far as online shopping is concerned.

Despite the fact that Jumia deals in all kinds of products, Fashion is one of the categories Jumia Ghana prides itself in.

Be it shoes, men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear or watches, Jumia has them all for you.

Logon to Jumia.com.gh today or get their application on the Apple AppStore or google play store and browse through their stock of clothing.


Zoobashop is a reputable online trading platform for Ghanaians and internet users, the world over.

Zoobashop has a large catalogue of goods especially in the categories of fashion from which one could choose.

Their products are original and brand new.

They have a large stock of men clothing, women clothing, shoes, ornaments and many other fashion products which make them a one-stop-shop for all fashion needs for the family.

You can purchase all your items on Zoobashop and get your products delivered to you.

Next time you think of shopping for clothing online, Zoobashop should be on your list.

Kiki Clothing

Kiki Clothing is a Ghanaian brand which deals in indigenous African clothing styles that have been modernized to standout.

Majority of the clothing on Kiki Clothings’ website are originally designed and sewed by the company.

With a wide collection of clothing available to pick from, Kiki’s Clothing is the home for Women and children’s clothing as far as African fabrics are concerned.

Because Kiki’s clothing is a global brand, operating out of Africa, their products are mostly priced in Dollars.

You should visit their website the next time you think about changing your wardrobe.


Shopbeta is a Ghanaian online marketplace for everything ranging from electronics to beauty products, furniture and clothing.

Shopbeta also has a wide range of fashion products ranging from Boys’ clothing, Girls’ clothing down to Women and Men clothing at very affordable prices.

They also sell rings, bracelets, watches and all forms of ornaments to match your dressing.

What’s more, your favourite brands are well-represented on Shopbeta so you have difficult choices to make on the site since all the products are of high quality.

MyGh Market

Last on our list of five online platforms for purchasing clothing in Ghana is MyGh Market.

Being last on our list here does not mean that this site has the least of products.

In fact, contrarily, if you are looking for the cheapest but durable clothing on the internet, you should be looking towards the direction of MyGh Market.

From their list of clothing which is usually categorised into subcategories such as Men’s Jeans, Men’s Trousers and many others, you can get the best clothing for your event at a very affordable price.

If you are running a low-budget for your next shopping and you want to do it online, MyGh Market should be on your list of websites to visit.


The list provided in this list is not exhaustive as there are several other budding clothing brands and shopping outlets from Ghana which can be found online.

However, these are the best we have come across based on our personal experiences. We hope that they provide you with the clothing you need and at the best price too so you can spread the news about these sites.

If you know of any other sites that you may want to share with us, kindly do so in the comment box below.

We would love to hear from you.

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