5 Popular Ghanaian Ebooks You Should Read

With the exponential growth of the internet over the past years, a huge chunk of information and knowledge has been kept in online resources such as ebooks, blogs and websites.

In this article, we shall consider 5 top Ghanaian ebooks everyone should read now.


1.Love Mylietis

The first on our list here is Love Mylietis by Elorm Beenie. Love Mylieties is a fiction book which tells the story of a boy whose love-seeking mission from his primary school days sees him through numerous heartbreaks through his Junior High Schools and Senior High School. This book is a young-adult fiction which will definitely keep you glued to your screens as you read. You can find the e-book on Azalia books.

Love Myelietis
Love Myelietis


2. Sebitically Speaking


Nana Awere Damoah is one of Ghana’s cherished literary giants of recent times. His novel, ‘Sebitically Speaking’ is second on our list.

In this book, Nana Damoah takes readers through a rollercoaster ride around the problems that face Ghana in the sociocultural, political and socio-economic landscape while using wit and humour.

Known for his unequalled literary prowess as displayed in his previous four novels, Damoah’s Sebitically speaking is a book that every Ghanaian seeking to understand how things happening around us every day have an impact on the general growth of the country should read.

Like the previous book, this can also be found on Azaliabook.

Sebitically Speaking
Sebitically Speaking




Written by Andrew Wallace, Between The Lines is an investigative fiction which contains elements of science fiction as well. It follows the story of an FBI agent whose closeness to the chief of his town of operation lands him a terrifying role in a major investigation.

Asked to undergo brain surgery to have his brain swapped with that of a woman who is badly injured, Saul is expected to uncover the secret plot of some terrorists within the space of one week.

While with the new brain, Saul is able to get details of the case as he’s able to track down activities of the criminals.

However, things take a twist as Saul realises that there may be more to the whole issue than he’s able to figure out and hence goes undercover to find more information.

His attempt to squash the case once and for all spans the thrill, awe and shock contained in this book.

Currently, you can purchase this book on Azaliabook.





This book is a riveting tale of how the quest for power, riches and fame puts the youth at risk of making dangerous choices that may never get to be corrected.

It follows the story of George,  a young destitute whose dream of becoming fulfilled in life amidst family rejections, pushes him to align with his friend, a known cultist who would later introduce him.

His role was simple; to lead his sect in the forthcoming SRC elections so his sect could have a say in how the school is run and control the student front.

Unfortunately, there are other competing cult sects. The fight for supremacy and power turns a University campus into a warzone. A political war is sparked when a Minister’s daughter is shot during the cult-clash.

In an attempt to redeem himself from the bloody arena and to regain his love whose sister lay unconscious on a hospital bed due to his troubles, George has a choice of turning himself in or dying by the sword of scavenging police officers whose dream is to bring peace and earn some promotions. Which does he prefer?

For the most part, the book is an investigative piece which details the pressure police officers have to endure when crimes occur.

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5. Custom Broken For Good


Finally, our last book on this list is Custom Broken For Good by Mohammed Awal. This book is a social commentary on how puberty rites take place in South Saharan Africa and how this tends to paint women as nothing more than wife materials.

The priority of parents is for marriage, which produces pressure on both mother and daughter. In this story, Amina, the mother of Sadia, faces the odds of traditional settings to meet the expected standard in marriage. Dankantata is the rebellious suitor to Sadia, and against wisdom and logic, is a hard-core traditionalist. He will not bow down for a minute against his ego, even when it is in his own self-interest to comply with the wishes of his fiancée. The situation eventually leads him to court, with the ensuing case exposing the existing traditions represented by the Imams, clerics, and priests, as well as the cultural norms and state laws. The debate is well crafted and so interesting that it draws in readers with its depiction of marriage in another culture.

like the others, this book can also be found on Azaliabooks.

Custom Broken For Good
Custom Broken For Good


Conclusion: This list was carefully curated to give readers the opportunity to love and appreciate literature written in Ghana by Ghanaians. The books listed above, though not being the only Ghanaian Ebooks of interest, are some of the best anyone should read for entertainment, information and appreciation of society. If you have your own set of Ghanaian Ebooks you’d like to add to the list, kindly do so in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

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