5 Reasons Why Using An iPhone is Good

There has been this long-lasting debate between iPhone Users and Android phone users regarding which of the two sets of the smartphone is a better option.

Honestly, this debate has never had a final conclusion since its birth in the early days of the first iPhones and Android phones made. One way or the other, both devices have come to be very useful to their respective users.

However, this does not change the fact that there are certain benefits associated with using an iPhone which cannot be said in the case of android phones and vice versa.

In this article, I shall introduce you to 5 things reasons why using an iPhone is a good thing and hence the need for you to acquire one.

The Fastest Phone You Can Ever Use

When ranking the top five fastest smartphones, I bet you’d see an iPhone occupying the first second, third, fourth and maybe not the fifth position.

Using an iPhone makes apps run faster and even more efficiently with rare instances of lagging which only happen when your battery is fully drained or when your memory is fully used up.

This is however not the case with Android phones which mostly come with bloated RAMs.

The average iPhone can battle a high-end android phone when it comes to multitasking speed.

So yes, if you are looking for a superfast smartphone which can handle all your multitasking without so much stress, then you know there’s only one option available.

Regular and Prompt Operating System Updates

The only way to have a fully functional system which keeps up with the current trend in technology is by frequently updating your software and system.

If there’s any device which provides regular and right on-time software updates for its users, it is the flagship Apple iPhone smartphone series.

Even the oldest Iphones still run on the latest IOS provided the users have connected to the internet always and have the required space to operate on such operating system.

In the case of the other smartphones, you would have to go through a tedious process of manually upgrading your operating system to the latest one. And even at that, only some devices are allowed to run the present operating system which means you could spoil your phone in the process of upgrading your operating system.

Iphones generally run system updates periodically and automatically too except in cases where the user isn’t connected to the right internet connection and so they have to reschedule the update.

Family Sharing Option

How about purchasing an app and having the option to share the same app with other relatives and friends?

Well, the iPhone has a family and friends sharing option which allows users to share their Itunes account with up to 6 different people.

The good thing is that even though you are sharing your account with these 6 people, they get to keep their personal accounts too.

With this feature, you can share your apple music subscriptions and other apple subscriptions with your selected family members who get to benefit from this for as long as they use an iPhone and you keep them on your family sharing list.

This is a unique feature which keeps the iPhone brand ahead of the android series.

Continuity Feature For Smooth Work

There are times you are working on your mobile phone and then there’s a need for you to do something else on your laptop at the same time. Just after moving away from your phone to your laptop, you realize that you have a call or text message on your phone. Ever been in this situation?

Well, with your iPhone and a Macbook, you do not have a problem in this very situation.

With the macOS continuity feature which is only compatible with iPhones, you can continue making that call or text message on your Macbook without even connecting your phone physically.

Once you’ve set up the connection already, you can always continue a process on your Macbook away from your iPhone. The only condition is that your iPhone has to be close enough for this to work.

The Best Help And Support Available On The Market

There is virtually no better way to enjoy a product you have paid so much from apart from getting a solid and reliable support and help system from the manufacturer.

This is exactly what Apple provides for the users of iPhones. With your iPhone, you have numerous resources on the Apple website from which you can get help to all your problems and get them resolved within the soonest possible time.

When you are unable to get help via this method, you can book a live chat session with Apple’s support team and they’ll guide you through the process of resolving your problem.

You also have the option to schedule a one-on-one meeting at an Apple Store nearby.

What other support system is better than what Apple provides for its users?


Using a smartphone is a must in today’s times. However, using a good and perhaps a better smartphone gives you even more peace and more usage options.

Google’s Android system comes with lots of benefits and other smartphone manufacturing systems have done well over the years to improve the performance of their devices to keep up with the demands of users.

However, in a race, there’s always a winner. There are some reasons why an iPhone is a better choice in a tall list of smartphones.

I hope that the list provided in this article was enough to inform you that an iPhone is a very good phone to use.

The list, however, is not complete. If you know of any other reasons which you’d like to share with us, kindly do so in the comment box below.

Do well to share this post with family and friends as well. If you have any questions or reservations, let us know below or contact us.

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