5 Signs That Your Phone Has Been Hacked

Our mobile phones have come to be part of our everyday activities. From receiving calls to checking and replying emails, SMS, Whatsapp, and many other entertaining kinds of stuff.

Our mobile phones mostly contain some significant amount of personal and confidential information including, the contents of our texts, audio calls, and direct access to our pre-logged in social accounts which is enough for hackers to intrude in our privacy for their personal gains.

You may ask yourself, why would anyone want to hack my device? In 2018, Facebook was hit by a major security threat. Over 50 million accounts were exposed to hackers in a breach of Facebook code.

Hackers gained access to users’ accounts and took control of the victim’s accounts. I remember a friend was hit by this breach too. His account was taken over by hackers and was used to post unwanted materials and pornographic videos and pictures on his wall.

Hacker’s main aim to hack users’ devices is for personal gain. To have access to your device to be able to have full control over it. Some will extort money from you before your account can be given back to you.

Others too may sell your information/data to enrich themselves. In recent times, mobile phone hacking has been on the increase in our technology world.

Today in this article, we are going to look at 5 signs that you can notice to be sure your phone has been hacked. Before we begin, hacking refers to activities that seek to compromise devices for some illicit purpose/unauthorized access to a victim’s device.

Laggy Device

Malware is mostly spread online. Sometimes we click on links to websites to download apps or files on the internet. Most of these apps are embedded with malware.

Once we install these malicious apps on our phones, it starts to use our device’s resources at the maximum best leading to increased ram usage and memory loss resulting in lagging.

Auto Sending And Receiving Strange Text Messages

When you start receiving calls from friends or your contacts about messages they receive from you of which you have no idea about, something may be amiss. Quickly reset your phone to factory settings.

New Apps Auto Installing On Your Device

When you notice strange apps you did not install on the device, then that is odd. Apart from mobile devices auto-updating installed apps and system apps, it is weird your mobile device installing new apps.

Battery Draining Fast

Malware use system resources at its fullest maximum hence quick draining of battery power. When a malware is constantly monitoring and capturing user activities and relaying to third parties, your battery will drain 90% faster.

Device Hotter Than Before

An infected device will run very hotter even when not in use. When your device runs hotter than before frequently, you might be infected with malware.


As technology is changing rapidly day by day and mobile devices being part of us, mobile hacking has been on the increase and malware on the spread. Once you notice these signs, don’t hesitate to restore your device to factory settings.

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