5 Smart Apps for Woodworkers

When one of your hobbies is woodworking, you might have to need some helpful tools along the way because not only is this woodworking hobby quite tricky, but it requires a different kind of skill set. Having the right woodworking tools is not enough. That is why, in this article, we will outline the best woodworking apps that you can install and use to get you started on your woodworking hobby.

Smart Ruler

This app doesn’t just simply measure. It also helps you measure small objects such as screws, making it extra convenient when you’re working with wood projects. What you have to do is fit the tiny things on the screen, touch the screen until a red line appears. Adjust the red lines to get the exact measurements.


This app is primarily designed to measure through cameras and detectors literally. Once you’ve scanned the objects that you like to work with, it detects the vertically and horizontally-oriented planes. This app provides an accurate measurement that could be very helpful and useful when you’re usingcutting devices like a table saw. If you want your table saw blade to cut in the exact position or angle you intended, an app like Measure would help a lot.


If the previously mentioned apps are designed to measure, this app is designed to suit your art needs. From the name of the app itself, it aims to help someone to choose the right mix or set of colors. Although the final decision is yours, the TapPainter app helps you shortlist your choices in paint colors. 

Handyman calculator

This app is intended to make the math in woodworking so much easier. Although these are important to woodworking because most of the time, you’d be measuring wood here and there to complete an output.

Thus, the handyman calculator does all the math for you, from measuring and even converting measurements to inches, meters, centimeters, etc. Someone just needs a buddy when it comes to the hobby. This applies especially in woodworking because this activity is quite challenging. That’s why through the mentioned apps, the woodworking process would be a lot easier and more fun, of course.

iHandy Carpenter

This app is one of your must-haves because you get to have the following things: steel ruler, plumb bob, flat bubble pub, steel protractor, and a surface level – all of which are designed to give you accurate dimensions. Also, through this app, the verticality of the walls is being assessed as well. Even when you’re working with angles, just swipe and the measurements in centimeters and inches are there. 

When it comes to woodworking, you need to be as resourceful as possible. Not only in terms of tools or materials that you will use, but also in the things that could aid you in your hobby. It’s useful to have something that would help you as a beginner in measuring, choosing the right colors, and the nitty-gritty of woodworking. With the help of these apps, you will learn how to perfect your woodworking crafts or outputs. And little by little, you enhance your potential in woodworking. 

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